Thursday, April 19, 2018

My iPad Seems to be Unwell

I apologize for spelling and spacing issues in the last post. The space bar seems to be working only sporadically, as does the reverse arrow, so attempts to fix spelling errors failed. Sigh....oh well, you will have fun figuring out what I was trying to write, haha

A Couple of Good Days!

Time has flown past quickly this week it seems. It is all ready Friday evening and we are sitting in a motel in Kindersley, looking out the window at the rather elderly canoe strapped to the top of our car.

After breakfast this morning, I took mom grocery shopping, then we left my parents after lots of goodbye hugs and headed for Olds to pick up my husband’s canoe that friends have been storing for over 16 years! Friend Harvey assisted us in wrestling the big old thing out of a snowbank and strapping it to the car roof. After a quick and delicious lunch together at Just Jack’s, ,my husband and I headed east.

We only had to stop a couple of times to adjust the placement of the canoe, before arriving in Kindersley. By the time we got to the hotel we were far too tired to go out for dinner. As my husband made an error when booking the reservation online, we arrived to discover that instead of being booked in for one reservation this evening,we had been booked for three reservations for tomorrow evening instead! haha It took awhile, but eventually it was straightened out.

We saw the local Subway sandwich shop across our hotel ‘s parking lot, so we shuffled over there and got two subs to eat back at the hotel, where I am now blogging andmy husband is dozing in front of a 1946 movie version of Great Expectations. I suspect we will be asleep before long. Wow, we are tired!

Yesterday I was able to get a clearer picture ofhkwmuch mom has failed physically. She was desperate to have time for just the two of us, so early in the morning we took the bus downtown. It stopped outside the Bay and momwas able to complete her clothes shopping within an hour. The she was determined to walk me through all the retail stores in the plus 15 shopping complex between the Bay and Holt Renfrew, but she couldn’t manage it. We covered the second floor of stores,very few we actually shopped in,then at 11:30am, she decided she was ready to sit down and eat lunch. Inmy next post I will explain why it was a fiasco, but for now, sufficeto say we eventually ate, then decided, after remaining at our table for a good half hour,it was time to check out the stores at ground level.

We walked less than half a city block when I noticed mom looking distressed and stopping to fish through her purse for acid reflux medication. She hasn’t needed to use it on months. Fortunately there were some soft, comfy chairs in the mall, right near to where momwas standing, popping pills like crazy. We sat quietly for a good 20 minutes before she was ready/able to stand. I told her I didn’t to look in any more stores, so perhaps it was time to go home. Mom then admitted her legs had been feeling too weak to walk since before we stopped for lunch and that she had not actually been farther into the plus 15 complex than the Bay in nearly two years! She had to sit down two more times on our way back to the bus stop outside the Bay. As a result we just missed the bus, but she enjoyed sitting on the bus bench in the sunshine for 20 minutes until the next bus came.

When the bus dropped us off across the street from her seniors’ facility, she had to hang onto my arm to get across the road and into the building.  I supported her until we reached her suite and fortunately she had a few minutes to rest before my husband brought my very happy and excited dad homefrom his own successful clothes shopping/lunch venture.  Although his specific health issues are more deadly than mom’s, the depth of her exhaustion simply from walking, was shocking. I will never let her go through something like that again when I am with her. I am glad I was able to see for myself that she is no longer the strong senior citizen she continues to try to convince me she still is.

We left her and dad at dinner time, knowing they were both relieved we had other plans with my husband’s sister and her husband. (Chinese food at an old and beloved haunt, the Silver Dragon)

We had a fabulous evening with them, then checked in on my folks at 9pm. Mom was recovering, but admitted this morning the time shopping was far too strenuous and that she missed dinner to sleep.

The weather has been warming with every passing day. The snowfall from Monday’s storm was nearly melted by this morning. The sun has been shining and it seems spring is finally on the threshold. A lovely two days, even mom is happy despite her problems yesterday.

Ooooh, I am tired! I will finish off the report on the trip after we get home tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Too Much Lunch

- we were privileged to spend time in prayer this morning with the beautiful Mathilda, the Ghanian woman who helps my dad shower twice a week. Her daughter has left her family faith and church to join a cult group my husband and I are familiar with. I hope we were able to encourage her that all is not  lost for her daughter.

- lunch at the Danish Canadian Club was delicious....mulligatawny soup so thick and perfectly curried that a small bowl was almost a meal in itself. My Caesar salad was thinly coated in a delicious lemon dressing and I admit I could not resist having a small slice of triple chocolate cake. I saw one of the giant creme broulees in a bowl, covered in burnt caramel sauce. Yum, next time....

- happy visit with an old family friend all afternoon. Friends are the most precious gift.

- cheese sandwiches and bananas for dinner in our room tonight. Lunch filled us to the brim. Actually glad my husband is also too full to go out again for dinner.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Happy Highlights

- despite a good ten centimetres of wet snow that came down today, an excellent sleep for both of us last night kept our attitudes positive toward the ongoing winter weather this late into what should be the spring season

- mom and dad were completely content to stay home and visit over a late breakfast

- the cheery and helpful maintenance man here got rid of my parents’ old and broken file cabinet and helped us get their new one out of our car and up to their suite

- my husband made pancakes for breakfast and my low appetite Father ate FOUR of them!

- my husband finished his electronics shopping after our lunch of fabulous leftovers from last night’s Indian dinner

- we connected unexpectedly with old friends and celebrated the serendipitous meeting together over the most delicious Thai food I have ever eaten in my life at Thai Place, a converted Burger King turned into a beautiful restaurant. I ordered a plate of tilapia encrusted with diced fresh garlic and black pepper. With a spoon of coconut rice it was to die for! My husband’s mastaman curry was equally delicious. I think we have a new favourite restaurant in Calgary. Yum!

- going to go to bed early and read my latest Jan Karon novel, the third last of the Mitford series, according to her web site.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Trip Thus Far

- the usual frantic time of trying to work in two hours of office duties for my husband, cleaning the car together, running last minute errands, packing up the car and FINALLY getting on the road by 11:30am.
- getting approximately one kilometre from home before deciding we were too hungry for lunch to leave town before pit stop #1 at India Palace for yummy buffet. (Our reasoning was that a local buffet meal would be faster than driving 35 minutes to Moose Jaw and having to find a restaurant off the highway, then sitting waiting to order and get our food. At least that was the excuse we used)
-trading drivers a half dozen times between Moose Jaw and Swift Current Fas Gas because a lousy night’s sleep and a heavy buffet lunch on top of the relaxation that happens every time we leave daily life behind, all combined to knock us both right out.
- chugging down two bottles of unsweetened green tea purchased at the Fas Gas to wake us up for the rest of the trip to Medicine Hat
- checking into the comfy and adorable (and cheap, don’t forget cheap) Home Inn
- a car wash followed by dinner at Sushi Thai restaurant because it was close to the car wash
- crabbing mightily about our expensive and wretched meal (greasy tempura, rubbery, gristly, inedible chicken, stale and possibly moldy edamame and rice that must have been cooked the day before....gaaaaaag!!!)
- desperately seeking something fun to do after dinner and ending up at the movies watching “Ready Player One.....aiiii yiiiii....lots of desperate, not that much fun.
- a bad sleep due to two barking pit bulls in the room next door at 11pm, a 6am wake up call in the room next door, a coughing man in the room above us and the complete lack of a running fan anywhere in the room to create white noise to block out the barking pit bulls, wake up call and coughing man.

- a most delicious hotel breakfast. There is an order window in the breakfast room of Home Inn instead of a “half the clientele in this hotel have touched my bread with sticky kid fingers and
slobbered into the milk before I poured it on my cereal” buffet.
- the locating of a switch to put on the heating system fan in our room that we missed the night before, sigh....duh.....
- a somewhat less sleepy drive the rest of the way to Calgary after an hour’s shopping in The Hat for my husband’s new shoes and some electronics accessories, plus a stop in Gleichen for more gasoline and a Subway sandwich, plus a wander through the new Gleichen grocery store where we found a carton of decent raspberries, bananas for 84 cents a kilo  and skinned, boneless chicken breasts for $11 a kilo instead of the $23 a kilo I currently pay in Regina! (and yes, we will be stopping in there again, cooler and ice packs in hand, on the way home!)
- getting to my parents’ place for the first of what should be an excellent four days of visiting!
- an amazing dinner at Bhavan Masala...vindaloo and lamb korma to die for!
- hearing the forecast for 20cm of snow here in Calgary tomorrow! hahahaha Yikes!

Friday, April 13, 2018

More Great, Unexpected Company

Just after lunch I got a call from the deacon of my church and over she came for tea and a fun visit. What a lovely afternoon we had. If my husband had not taken our car to work unexpectedly this morning, I would not have been home this afternoon and would have missed out on a joyful visit.

Another happy, friend filled day!

Amazing Support For the Humboldt Broncos

Amidst all the stories of the horror, tragedy, suffering, amazing spirits, healing, fund raising etc. for the Humboldt Broncos hockey team after last week's bus crash that so far has claimed 16 lives, this morning I saw a photo that touched my heart particularly deeply.

The photo is of a group of school students from an Alberta Hutterite colony.  They want to show their support, even though the world of the hockey team players is not one that intersects with their somewhat socially isolated lives.

In the photo they are standing shoulder to shoulder with their backs to the camera. (To the best of my knowledge, Hutterites are not supposed to have their photos taken, part from the mandatory drivers' licence photos, in honour of their interpretation of the biblical commandment to avoid graven images/idolatry)  On the backs of the girls' dresses are pinned Bronco team logos and each of the boys is holding a hockey stick, painted in the team colours, behind his back.  Despite their separation from the world in terms of their communities/lifestyle, these kids want to let the team know they share in the suffering and grief and want to show caring support to the families involved.

It is a beautiful photo.