Tuesday, October 6, 2015

True Confessions

Today I need to make a few confessions about where I am really at these days: 

-- I am feeling ever so slightly bitter and twisted that the last of the warm, end of summer weather has gone by while I have been stuck inside and that the present morning temperature of -2C, with its accompanying dusting of frost on grounds and vehicles is depressing me somewhat.

-- I am not thrilled to be watching my husband teetering on the edge of another CFS episode due to the current long hours and huge deadline stresses at his work.  While I am very grateful he is still more or less on top of things, I confess I am living in a mild state of stress myself wondering if he is going to get through synod in 2 weeks time without falling completely apart for an entire week after it is finished.

-- I confess I did wear myself out completely yesterday moving furniture around in the living room so I could vacuum.  HOWEVER, I have no regrets because shortly after I was finished, I was handed a notice from the management company of our building to say that this very afternoon there will be maintenance folk descending upon our unit to check for past due maintenance issues, smoke detector and furnace checks and also checks to ensure we have no rodents or insect pests making themselves at home in our basement rafters, electrical outlets or carpets.  So, despite being exhausted and sore by last night, I am even happier that I accomplished what I did. Perhaps some of these dear ones will get some concept of what clean actually is...sorry, is that too catty?

-- I confess I sent my husband out to get us Indian take out food last night in the midst of the rush hour traffic after he left work.  There was no way I could cook dinner and when I heard the utter exhaustion in his voice when I called to ask him about getting take out, I knew I had been right to do all the house work myself.  The food was absolutely fabulous and we enjoyed it immensely, despite the hassle of him getting to the restaurant to pick it up.

-- I confess...and this is the BIGGIE of the day....that I am not going to attend the local philharmonic fall concert in November because they are singing Handel's Messiah.  I confess, despite risking being labelled a musical heritic or worse by other Christian friends, particularly old time missionaries, I find that other than the brief burst of light and life in the Hallelujah Chorus, the Messiah is one of the most monotonous, boring pieces of classical music I have ever had to listen to...dozens of times.... in 3 different countries over 5 decades....aaaargh!!!  Please....make it stop!!!! (Yes, I still believe Jesus is the divine yet human son of God and that the bible is the preserved word and stories of our God, I just can't put The Messiah on the same scale is all. So sorry, it is just how it is for me.)

Thus endeth my confessions for the day.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Watching the Colours Change

No, I am not talking about the remains of the tree leaves outside, the fortunate few still clinging to the branches in defiance of the heavy rain and winds that have stripped away all but the last few dozen rebels. I am talking about the change in colour of my kitchen linoleum after a vigorous washing I gave it this morning!

In the past four weeks it has been swept and "Swiffered" and lightly wiped down as my husband had time, but it has not been soaked down with cleanser and a proper mop...until today!

Still riding high from the wave of euphoria of my dusting and bathroom disinfecting success this past weekend, I decided to continue to ride the crest and attempt to vacuum the carpets and wash the floors. If I am going to regain full mobility in my hip it is time to start doing the types of usual daily activities that will work toward that end result.

So, this morning I hauled out the downstairs vacuum from its hiding place under the coat rack, bundled up all the equipment I have been using to navigate around the house, propped my cane within reaching distance and attacked the carpets. Success!!! Yes, it took me all morning but what else do I have to do all day, right?

Next came the washing of the linoleum floors. The bathroom took only a couple of minutes, since you cannot accuse it of being a large space. Seeing the fresh sparkle return in there encouraged my intention to wash the kitchen floor as well.  WOW!!! I watched that wretched, cigarette burned, beige paint splattered old wreck of a floor change in colour from pearly grey to glowing white as I scrubbed with the mop. That is the colour change I needed to see!

Now I am resting my hip for a few minutes while the floors dry, then I will haul out the upstairs vacuum and tackle the bits of carpet space in the three teensy rooms up there.

You know what the best part of all this housework actually is going to be?  It is going to be the look on my husband's face when he discovers he does not have to clean all the floors after work today. Tee hee! Surprise sweetie!! Here's the tv remote, a plate of hot dinner and a chilled glass of beer. Enjoy your evening!!!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Choirs and Skies

My first introduction to community choir this afternoon was a cheery, fun experience that is inspiring me to attempt to get my voice back in shape!  What a great way to spend Sunday afternoons.  My only disappointment is that there is no rehearsal next week due to it being the Thanksgiving weekend!

Our director is also the director of several other choirs in the city, including the Philharmonic chorus, but I suspect he also enjoys the sheer fun of working with what seems to be the typical rag tag group of folk in this community choir.  He covers a lot of territory in our 2 hours of rehearsal time, knows how much time to spend on each piece of music, each problem area, can play all four parts and direct at the same time....yup, he is very good indeed and very personable even when pulling things from our group we haven't realized we are capable of.  The other people are friendly and fun.  It was a great time and I can't wait to go back.  The president of the choir is also the gal from our church who invited me to come and try out.  She is alto, just like myself and she realizes I am going to want to practise at home this next two weeks, so I was allowed to bring home the music.  It is going to be so much fun to have a musical "goal" once again.

Far less exciting is the sky filled with snow clouds!  There has been a bit of snow falling all ready to the far west and north of us, but I suspect that overnight it may just be our turn for the first flakes of the dreaded "white stuff"!  Sigh....can't remain in denial much longer. Winter is on the way.  The clouds have changed from light grey rain clouds to deep dark grey with white "fringe" that indicates those clouds are full of icy water just waiting to fall in the form of snowflakes.  Rats!

Well, winter can't be avoided forever. Perhaps if we get this first bit of snowfall over with the temperatures will warm up a bit once again and we will be graced with some sunny days before the deep snows of winter arrive. There is always hope....even here on the prairies.

The Blasted C Word

I have just had a most depressing phone call.  Yet another friend in my age group has been diagnosed with the ugly, life defining, life threatening "cancer".  Sigh......

I feel sick....sorry, make that "ill".  BUT I would LIKE to be sick, right here in the nearest bucket.

My friend has a very upbeat attitude about her breast cancer, about the fact that it seems to be running in her family, in her generation of family.  She was not particularly surprised by her diagnosis as apparently she has been having symptoms for a little while that she knew had to be checked out.  She has all ready been to her nearest cancer clinic and is awaiting surgery in a very few weeks.  She appreciates the positive attitudes of the cancer medical team she will be working with and finds them most encouraging.  She has a deep faith in God.  She has a praying, supportive family.  There are many good things accompaning this devastating news, but still, it is always devastating when the C word invades a life.

I can tell I am still in recovery from my own far less devastating surgery last month because of the intense emotional reaction to my friend's bad news.  I need to be able to commit her situation to God and pray with sanity and reason, not with crying fits of upset that once again a close friend has been struck down by this horrific disease.

I am so very sorry my friend.  I am going to join with you in expecting the best and most positive outcome as you battle this disease with all the trust and faith you can muster.  I just need another day to be shocked and upset for you and then I will be able to truly believe for the best for you.

Praying folk out there, please petition for Lois.  She is one of the dearest people I have ever met and she will be courageous as always. However a little extra prayer support can only be beneficial.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

I Will Likely Regret It Tomorrow...O Well....

I am presently icing my hip with freezer packs, but not because I did my physio exercises this late in the afternoon. It is because for the last three and a half hours I have been cleaning bathroom fixtures and dusting this filthy townhouse! Yes, I will probably live to regret being so eager and doing so much in one day, but I cannot handle the dust any more.

My husband just called to let me know he will .be home in a couple of hours. He is horrified that I did so much work, but as I pointed out to him, now he can spend the time I am at choir tomorrow afternoon merely vacuuming carpets and washing two teensy patches of linoleum and that will be the end of his household chores this weekend and until his next days off. So it is all good. The man is so exhausted from what is going on at work right now that I wanted to lighten his load as much as possible.

I feel great! Finally I have accomplished something useful around here! Our dinner tonight will be reheated leftovers, so I can lay on the couch, ice packs at the ready, until a couple of minutes before my wonderful, hard working husband walks through the door.

I am happy and thankful today for energy, motivation and an ever increasing ability to return to normal mobility! Thank you God!

ps: remind me to retread this post when I start whining tomorrow that I am in pain again from getting ahead of my recovery this afternoon. Deal? Deal!


Today is the first day of autumn rains...brrrr...the furnace has been coming on every hour since the rains started at about 2am. My husband checked the basement several times before he left for a day of meetings out of town, and so far his interior wall patching is holding. So far, not a drop of water has seeped into our basement. If there is any later on, he only has about another hour of work to seal off any other drips.

I am so glad I have been going outside for a few minutes two or three times each day. When I broke my hip a month ago, the temperatures were still in the mid +20's, now we are averaging nearly ten degrees colder during the day. Had I not been heading outside every day, today's coolness would be shocking. So, this morning at 8am I donned my fall raincoat and headed out to the back porch. Even when it is this chilly, I so enjoy standing in the rain, letting it trickle down over my face and watching  my hair curling up in the mist.

Trying not to be nervous about auditioning for choir tomorrow afternoon, but failing miserably. I am such an old has been! Well, if I fail, there are only two other people there I will have to face again in the future, so all will be well.

Friday, October 2, 2015

You've Got an INDOOR Shower?? LUXURY!!

Last evening my husband was finally able to find a proper grab bar for our bathtub that could screw into the oddly placed wall studs behind the bathtub.  So, this morning I had my first shower in 4 weeks.  OOOOH, it felt absolutely wonderful after a month of sponge baths.  My hair is all shiny, my skin finally feels truly clean, I was able to get into and out of the tub without falling down, (although I did kick over a crutch at one point and that brought my terrified husband running to see if I was okay...not such a great thing to do to your husband at 6:30am on his one day off for the week, the one he was expecting to be able to use to sleep in...sigh...).

Later in the morning we got banking and shopping done again.  I decided it would be faster to grocery shop if I could actually cover the store myself, pushing the grocery cart, since my husband takes forever and a day comparing prices and fiddling about trying to get deals I am not that fussy about.  All I want are my PC points so that I can cash them in at the last grocery buying spree before pay day each month.  (today was a successful point shop as I scored over 20,000 points with my wee load of goodies)

I took my crutches so that I could cover more distance doing errands without over working my hip, but in the grocery store I stacked them up in the cart and used that to lean on while I hobbled up and down the aisles.  It was effective.  In the time it took my husband to find 3 items I had the other 20 and we were through the check out and walking out of the store about 20 minutes later.  YEAH!!

I was a good girl though in that once we returned home and had lunch, I spent 2 hours just resting my hip, icing it and laying on the couch.  Unlike the last day out, that will be it for today, no extra going out for dinner tonight.

I celebrated my one month anniversary of the fall by eating a peanut butter/chocolate KIND bar with my lunch.  I still can't drink anything alcoholic for another couple of weeks, so a person has to find the next best thing.  haha

We received an email this morning from friends in south central Alberta. They are rejoicing that they got the last of their crop harvested at 1am, BECAUSE, SNOW is predicted there tomorrow!! SNOW!!  NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!  It is too early for that horrendous but beautiful white stuff to start falling from the skies.  If THEY are getting snow then it is likely the predicted rain here over the next two days will also contain at least a few flakes before it is finished coming down.  Ooh, I am so not ready this year, plus now I have the automatic fear of falling brought on by my recent broken leg.

My husband has more out of town meetings tomorrow. How I hope and pray rain is the worst weather condition he drives through!