Thursday, November 27, 2014

How Do I Know I Have Waited Too Long To Eat Breakfast In The Mornings??

I know it when I get out of bed in the morning and have a nearly overwhelming desire to devour the dust covered pages of the novel I was reading before I fell asleep.

I know it when I want to physically injure anyone who detains me on the way to the kitchen to make breakfast.

I know it when a 1/2 cup of wheat cereal squares with barely enough milk to cover them, 0 fat, 0 sodium, 0 sugar and nearly 0 flavour taste like heaven in a dish.

I know it when 1 tbsp of peanut  butter on a stale slice of cheap, airy, store bought bread tastes like an elegant dessert.

I know it when 3 wizened, dried out prunes taste like rich, sweet, gooey candy.

I know it when the dreaded 1 cup of milk, the most gross "food" to ever cross my lips on a daily basis, tastes like ambrosia. (or maybe it is just fermenting and going sour....eeeeewwww....)

I know it when bottled water chasing down that milk tastes as good as beer chasers used to taste when I could still drink beer.

I know it when finishing my breakfast by downing 4 doses of medication feels like the joy of leaving icing on the cake to enjoy at the end of a delicious meal.

I know it when I am done eating the aforementioned, smack my lips together with satisfaction, pat my tummy with contentment and breathe a sigh of relief that there is fuel in my system once again after a long night, made to seem longer by forgetting to eat my evening snack the evening before.

O yes, I have my ways.......


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Sigh of Relief

My son finally called his grandparents today to tell them he is leaving for New York next week and will not be joining us for Christmas after all. Wisely he emphasized the fact that it can't be for longer than 6 months and he has all ready made plans to visit them very first on his way home, whenever exactly that turns out to be.  It means I can call them tonight and let THEM tell ME what my son is up to.  hahaha  Every family has its little coping games I suppose, haha.

Got through all the 6 month blood work at the hospital today.  For the rest of the day I am taking it easy other than a few badly needed stretching exercises. Right after my A1C tests I take the rest of the day to rest, have an extra carbohydrate or 2 for lunch or supper and pretend I don't have diabetes.  It really helps to prevent burn out.  I figure I have 90 days to exercise those carbs out of my system.

I have been catching up for the rest of the morning on an old movie I taped a few days ago and am about to leave for a laser treatment and massage.  My husband is headed to our other town as soon as I return with the car.  It is warm enough to walk this afternoon but I discovered on my drive to the hospital this morning that all the intersections are like glass.  Today I don't feel like risking every bone in my body out there on the ice.  Oooh, can't wait for that facial massage.

Tonight will be an evening on my own so I think I will do silly things like play computer games and read part of a novel that is not exactly gripping, but interesting enough and it shall remain nameless unless I can say really nice things about it in the end.

It has been a great week so far for emails and phone calls from friends and family.

 The birds outside the kitchen window have been arriving en masse each morning and afternoon, fighting with each other over the feeder arms, dousing themselves in the bird bath, hovering at the kitchen and patio door windows as they peer at whatever it is they are seeing through the glass. 

My husband and I are going to have a most hectic time over the next 6 weeks with preparation for Advent, preparing a Christmas week travel schedule to suit both families and making a bunch of decisions about what to do with household "stuff" in our attempt to downsize for our own good.  My husband has a HUGE pile of old papers he is tossing out and is nearly finished that project. One more week should complete it.  Then we will be able to eat at the dining room table again.  I took 4 bags of my own things to the thrift store yesterday afternoon and had the pleasant discovery of some of my huband's older shirts tucked inside the bag. Good for him! He is finally, after 11 years, realizing he is no longer a carpenter and doesn't need a rag bag filled with old workwear!!  Ofcourse, I did end up bringing something home from the thrift store in the form of a brand new and lovely dress jacket that is still casual enough to wear with jeans....hey, it was only five dollars, so...........

It is all good.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Power Problems

Our town has experienced a fair number of power outages of late, often as a result of large vehicles smashing into power poles out on the highway. This afternoon's outage was caused by the dropping of some powerlines that were in the process of being re-situated.

We were at the local mall when the power went out.  We checked the other 2 grocery stores closer to home first but had little success in finding what we wanted today, so ended up at the most miserable, filthy, poorly stocked grocery store there is here.  After some more frustration we did have to congratulate the store on actually having all of the products we couldn't get elsewhere, even if some of them were not easy to locate.  At least they were available, yay!!

We just reached the line up for the cashier when suddenly the entire mall went into blackout mode.  After the first plunge into the darkness a handful of emergency lights came on.  The tills were still working but that would be a temporary situation until the back up power went down.  In the interest of safety and shoplifting prevention we were told rather unceremoniously by the manager to "get out of the store NOW."  From my own previous experience in dealing with the general public in retail situations I can understand her immediate retreat into defensive mode and my husband and I stashed our baskets and cartons on a high shelf, then got the heck out of there into the main mall area.  Lots of people had key ring flashlights, myself included, some had larger flashlights, there were cell phone lights flashing about and it was easy enough to exit the mall.  Most of us who had been in the grocery store opted to just stand outside the now locked doors and wait to see if the power loss was a temporary glitch.  After nearly a half hour of standing about my husband said there was little chance it would come on again any time soon, so we drove home.  The entire town was in darkness.  

Just as we were arriving home I checked the time and realized my quickly developing crabbiness was a result of being late getting my dinner, not just from having to leave my basket of difficult to find grocery items abandoned in the store.  I strapped on my husband's mountain climbing headlamp that was still sitting in my bedroom after the last power outage and made myself a sandwich, sliced up some cucumber and located some stale prunes.  Not quite the home made (thank you sweetie for your great Indian cooking) feast I had been expecting, but still it did the trick in bringing up my blood sugar and making me feel happy again.  About the time I finished eating the power returned.  We waited for 15 minutes to make sure it was likely to stay on and my husband raced back to the grocery store to see if our baskets and cartons were still where he left them earlier.  They were there, the store had just opened again and he was able to purchase our "prizes" with no difficulty.  Whew!

The idea of having to return there tomorrow and relocate all those items after they had been returned to the shelves was not appealing.  I would have had to cram the trip in between my 6 month blood work at the hospital early in the morning and my husband's need of the car to get to our other town to work for the day.  So grateful for his willingness to return to the store tonight instead, thereby making him late for his own dinner.  At least when he finally got home he was able to eat some of the Indian food he'd made earlier on.  It smelled fantastic and I couldn't resist taking a small bite.

Hopefully that will be the end of the power problems for awhile now.  We missed some important phone messages because we had forgotten to plug in the land line this morning and of course the cordless needs electrical power to run.  I am getting pretty good though at making "headlamp" sandwiches!!  There is always a "silver lining", right?

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Yay Calgary Stampeders

What a fun afternoon! Football, football, football!!  The CFL conference final games happened today and I had such fun relaxing and watching both games.  Since my home town won the western final it will make the Grey Cup game that much more fun for me.  All the best Calgary. You are playing another great team from Hamilton.  Can't wait to see the game!!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Farewell to The Boy

We crawled along on the ice, slush and drifting snow, through strong winds to and from our other church tonight to participate in the potluck and Reign of Christ service.  It was a great evening and no one was upset that the bishop couldn't make it after all. They are too safety conscious when it comes to winter roads to be anything less than glad he was wise enough to stay home.

We arrived home to a phone call from our son and it is official. He leaves for a job in New York City at the end of this month. He booked his ticket this morning, signed a sublease agreement for home and studio space and has only his health care coverage to finalize on Monday.  

So we will not see him for at least another 6 months.  I am sad about that, BUT I am absolutely stoked that he has this opportunity for work and play in his favourite city on the earth.  He has a great network of friends and co-workers there who have sent him an avalanche of excited emails about his arrival.  He has a place to live for December but will have to seek accommodation for the other 5 months.  

NOW to let the rest of the family know. Telling my elderly parents is going to be the most difficult for him. AND it will be the most difficult thing for me about this too as I will be dealing with the emotional fall out.  At my parents' ages, another 6 months until they see their grandson after not seeing him for a whole year all ready is like a lifetime for them.  

The other GOOD news is that son has all ready sold a major painting from the show that just opened on Thursday at the Burnaby Art Gallery. Way to go Eli!  So proud of you buddy.  See ya' in 6 months...Lord willing....have a safe journey and a fabulous time in a fabulous city.

Bad Weather....No Bishop....Boooooo.....Hooooo.....

We are feeling badly for our parishioners today.  The weather and roads are so bad that our  bishop, who has a 5 hour drive to get out this way, has had to cancel his visit for this weekend. Booo! Hiss! Lousy weather!

The man is exhausted after a busy week at the House of Bishops meetings and for his sake maybe it is actually a good thing he doesn't have to take on another parish visit this weekend.  Hopefully it won't be too many more months before he can get up this way to encourage our church folk.

My husband just talked to one of his wardens and her son is currently on the way here from the same city our bishop would have been coming from.  The young man is crawling along the road on the ice.  He called his mom to let her know he is still coming but he said he might as well be on skates, towing his truck behind him. It is that icy out there.  It is possible my husband won't be able to make it down to our other town tonight for service and that will also be disappointing.  We are so blessed to have parishioners who have a life long familiarity with the winter conditions and are very supportive of their priest staying off the highways on days like this.

The sad part is all the work the people have put into preparing for the Bishop's visit is somewhat wasted.  The potlucks will go on anyway though because is there anything sweeter than food and fellowship on an otherwise miserable day? So many of our parishioners now live in town and the bad roads will seriously effect only a handful of those still living on farms and acreages.

The potluck lunch tomorrow at our local church can go forward as planned.  Even if there are few present because of the elderly folk not feeling safe to drive over to the church, we will have whatever potluck foods show up and instead of celebrating our bishop's visit we will turn it into a birthday party for a parishioner who is turning 85 today.  Her family is bringing over a giant cake for the lunch tomorrow and we will enjoy that treat so much.  I am making a huge batch of fried chicken.  Now that I am not hosting the bishop tonight I will have extra time to cook something a bit special with it.

So, this is the first casualty for our parish with the return of the winter weather.  I am very grateful none of us have to be on the highway after all today. Whew!!  The bad weather arrived in time for these decisions to be made and everyone notified of the changes in lots of time.  Bishop is the sort of fellow who, if he had started out on the highway, would have continued to plough along rather than turn back and we are grateful he didn't make it as far as his own front door today!

 Once again everything has worked out just fine in the end.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Skinny Jeans

The house is vaccumed and dusted, the shopping is done, dinner is cooking and I am now the owner of a pair of skinny jeans.

Yup, skinny first pair since junior high school.  It feels pretty danged peculiar to be wearing such a thing at my age, but the legs fit perfectly inside my wool lined winter boots, keeping me warmer as well as saving my skin from that dreadful allergic itching.

I knew I needed a new pair of jeans because the pair I purchased in May has been drooping unattractively since the end of August.  I have kept them belted up and worn them when jeans were most appropriate for the task or event at hand, but they look all wrong and the pockets have been hanging down below my butt.  Not good....  I needed jeans an inch smaller in the waist. 

So, I am now a member of the old ladies in skinny jeans club.  Yikes....I don't know whether to be thrilled or embarrassed.

All I know is I feel a lot better now in my jeans! My husband says I look a lot better as well than I did in the last pair and his opinion is really the only one I care about.

I can wear the older new pair to cut the lawn next spring so they won't go to waste.  For that chore they are perfect.

Skinny jeans.......dear Lord.......