Saturday, August 30, 2014

A Couple of Terrifying Health Days

The past couple of days saw a huge rise in my post-prandial blood sugar readings.  "Spiking" is what it is called and it is what every diabetic tries their hardest to avoid.  A 2 to 3 point rise between pre- and post-prandial is the most you want to see.

For 2 days my count was going up 4 points and higher after every meal.  I confess that I completely freaked out.  Last night I was a mess worrying that after all my work in the past 9 months, this disease was all ready progressing!  That day will come, but I was so hoping for at least another year of success at this level of treatment.

This morning I woke up feeling quite well after an excellent night's sleep.  The fuzzy head I have been fighting for the last 2 days was gone.  The inability to stay awake that plagued me for that same time period also seemed to be over.  Hmmmmm..... I was assuming I felt that way because my blood sugar was so high, but today's numbers have not been spiking at all.  To check them, I ate exactly the same foods and amounts at meals that I did yesterday.  No spiking....will see what happens at dinner this evening, but I think I may have a clue as to what happened the past 2 days.

My liver continues to remain sensitive after all the damage it incurred last year.  The night before this incredible rise in my blood sugar began I walked into the path of some outdoor insect killer spray.  I got quite a face full of the stuff before being able to back away from it and it was the next day I felt so lousy and the sugar spikes began.  Killer chemicals have always bothered my health, long before the diabetes began.  Weed sprays and insect sprays and farm chemicals have made me ill for weeks at a time on many occasions in my life.

SO, I may be completely wrong about this, but I am wondering if the reaction I had to the insect spray caused a reaction in my body as it was cleansed by my liver that shot my blood sugar up;  OR if there was some other small infection going on in my system that I was unaware of, apart from the lethargy and fuzzy head.

Just wondering is all......

As far as today goes, so far so good......

Work and the Autumn Season

I am looking forward to tagging along with my husband on some of his work related jaunts this autumn.  He starts back to work this coming week and is only in the parish for a few days before heading off on other Diocesan related business.  I get to tag along on the trip.  We get paid mileage, hotel and meals, so that is a lovely perk and I will also get to meet people I haven't had a chance to meet before.

A couple of weeks later it will be time to head to clergy conference, Diocesan Council, a centennial anniversary for one of the parishes in our deanery and the final training session with the bishop and our deacon before the man's ordination to the full priesthood.  I get to go along to help with the long drive and spend that entire week in our last city of residence, visiting friends and reaquainting myself with a place that has seen some changes since I was last there.

I am praying we have a nice autumn season, Indian summer, that we have at least a couple of months left to us before the snow begins to fall once again.  The summer has flown by this year and all ready we have to start thinking about how to prepare once again for ice and drifting and bad roads.  

How I wish the winter months would seem to pass as quickly as the spring and summer months do.

Friday, August 29, 2014

The Invading Hordes

My husband and his friend are not the only beings that entered the rectory late last night.  While unpacking the vehicle in the dark, after a most enjoyable canoe trip, mosquitoes poured into the house as the guys opened and shut the front door while they hauled their packs and gear back into the house.

Aiiiii was an absolute invasion of the wee winged wonders.

So many came into the house that I stood on a stool just inside the front door, whacking them with a fly swatter as they gathered on the white ceiling tiles in the entryway.  I am sure my husband's friend thought I was certifiably crazy, but I can't stand mosquitoes.  I get huge welts from their bites and then scratch them too much during the night when the itching is most intense.

I whacked all the mosquitoes I could manage in the front entryway.  Then I moved into the kitchen and whacked at the the ones who had made it that far into the house.  My office and the bedroom are just off that entryway as well and during the night I was up swatting at them with a shoe as they landed on the walls and my bed blankets.  Needless to say I had a rather poor sleep, waking to that incessant and irritating buzzing noise they make when they are flying close to my ears.  This morning I discovered another batch of them in my bathroom. Everything in that room is white so they were easy to see, even when they weren't in flight.

It is now mid afternoon and I seem to have located and destroyed the majority of the little creatures.  My husband and I also rooted out some spiders that came in with the camp gear, but no doubt I will continue to find a few of those over the next several days as they know how to stay well hidden inside the house.

Getting back to what is actually important about the return of the canoeists: they had a marvellous time, ate too much, teased each other unmercifully about anything and everything. stayed healthy other than an hour's bout my husband had with a reaction to eating the skin on a yellow zucchini when he knows better than to ingest zucchini skins.  The weather was perfect, there were more mosquitoes in our house last night than they saw along their outdoor route, the one long portage they had to do was survivable and they learned quite a bit about what happens when you take too much unnecessary gear in a canoe!

They particularly enjoy the food and wine pairings that they do for the evening meals.  As always it was a great time for a group of diverse men with otherwise very different interests and professions. 

My husband is exhausted and napping this afternoon. I am so glad he has a few more days before he has to return to work....although he has to finish an article for the SaskAnglican newspaper that is due this evening and respond to some work emails that require immediate attention. But these will only take this afternoon and evening to complete and then he is free again until after the Labour Day weekend.

Sleep on, happily exhausted husband.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Discovering My Own Social Hub At Long Last

Well now....after nearly 5 years in our present location I have finally figured out where to meet the people I know here to have a social visit...that is somewhere other than pushing my grocery cart around the local Co-op store!

Tonight I found myself craving a spinach salad for dinner, so off I went to Humpty's, where such a delight is to be found in this town. For the umpteenth time in a row, I ran into quite a few people there that I know.  One of them arrived after I did, was also alone, so she joined me and we had a great time together.  Then other friends arrived and more visiting occurred.  This is becoming a pattern.

I need to hang at Humpty's more.  What a hoot! Humpty's of all places...haha.

Autumn is All Ready in the Air

On the weekend I realized how much earlier the sun is now setting in the evenings.  The sun isn't fully out until closer to 8am each morning.  It is lower in the sky now and there is a slightly different look and feel, darker and heavier, to the atmosphere outside; a less bright, more yellow hued look to the landscape.  The smells of summer emanating from the foliage have disappeared.  Even in town there are the beginnings of green leaves turning yellow as they receive less daily sunlight. Tiny aphids have arrived, signalling the end of summer.  The flowers in my flower box outside the front door and in front of the church are looking droopy, some of the underleaves starting to turn brown.  Migrating song birds are all ready appearing in our side yard, munching themselves silly at the feeders and moving on again a few days later.

To be honest I am feeling somewhat ripped off about this early seasonal change.  It is because we were cheated out of our usual lovely spring weather this year.  It was replaced by late melting snow, freezing cold winds and rain well into June.  Moving so quickly from winter into summer, with no more than a couple of weeks of real spring, makes the somewhat early onset of autumn seem wrong!

What I am hoping for is a nice long Indian summer to make up for the shortness of the warm seasons this year.

Tonight my husband and his friend from Alberta will return to our home after their canoe trip.  I am so grateful for the technology that allowed them to email me a message of their safe arrival at each evening's camping location.  Sadly, not far from where they were last night, another canoeist was not so fortunate as they have been this week.  His overturned canoe and drowned body were found by some local fishermen, his very much alive wife located on land a few miles away. She had been alone with no supplies for 8 days after her husband's canoe overturned in rapids rated as beginner level.  It was her long practised outdoor survival skills that saved her life.  It reminded me how fortunate my own husband has been thus far on all his outdoor adventures.  I can't imagine how this woman may be feeling about the loss of her long time companion.

Today I am putting my diabetes information into a more organized arrangement in a 3 ring binder instead of having piles of papers and brochures all around the kitchen and my office. After lunch I am going for a long walk, rejoicing that my time alone this past few days has gone so well.

My son called me last night as he walked the several miles between his apt. and his studio.  He was in a chatty mood about some personal things that he still enjoys discussing with his mom.  As I see myself aging and, knowing the eventual and inevitable changes that will happen to my mind and body at some point in the next decade or so, I treasure even more our times of conversation and personal sharing.  The day will come when I can no longer relate to what he is talking about, will become more self-absorbed due to health issues and will not be able to emotionally handle the sadder events of his life.  Lord willing I will do all I am able to hold off that time of life for a long time yet.  I reached that point with my own parents some years ago now and it was a sad realization for me the day I understood how deeply our relationship had changed due to the aging process.  I saw it with my elder care clients.  While it is a natural event that comes with aging, it is one part of that process I truly dread.

The weather is perfect today for a good long walk after lunch.  I will need it to walk off all the salmon I am planning to eat at lunch time.  Yesterday I found good slized salmon filets....real ocean salmon, not farm raised.  Yes, it would have been frozen for transport so it is not "fresh from the ocean" quality, but in comparison to the farm salmon....welll, there is no comparison in the flavour and texture of the meat.  I paid a horrendous amount of money for sufficient fish to feed 2 people for 2 small meals and wondered on the way home from the store if I had lost my mind.  However, it was SO good at dinner last night that I stopped worrying about the price.  I managed to not overcook it for once....a bad habit of mine....and it was perfect!  A little freshly squeezed lemon juice and fresh from the garden dillweed and it was to die for.  I ate too much, I know is a rather fattier fish than I should have very often on my diet.  I was so stuffed that I slept for 7 hours straight last night and was an hour late waking up for breakfast this morning.  I have some left for today but will refrain from stuffing myself quite so full so that my husband can share the remains of it tomorrow.

Wonder what kind of fun my afternoon walk will bring me today. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Phone Call With Cheek.....Butt Cheek That Is!! heehee

I was delighted to receive a cell phone call from my husband around dinner time last evening. He and the gang arrived safely at their pushing off point with the canoes, had everything loaded up and were ready to start paddling across the lake to their first night's campsite.  It was to be his last phone call before stashing his phone with the other guys' cell phones in the storage locker back at the canoe rental shop since there is no cell phone service where they are heading.

About a minute after we said goodbye and hung up our phones, my phone rang again.  My husband's number came up again on the call display.  Okay, what did he just realize he had forgotten to pack, was my first thought and I was laughing as I answered.

All I could hear on his end of the line was a crackling, rustling sort of noise, but I couldn't pick up a voice at all.  After hollering a few times into the phone that I couldn't hear him, I announced I was going to hang up and he should call again.  A few seconds later he did just that.  When I answered there was a pause before he told me, in a most embarrassed tone of voice, that what I had heard was his cell phone brushing against his undershorts in the back pocket of his pants.  After his initial call to me he had pocketed his phone but hadn't yet turned it off.  As he was returning to the locker his butt cheek must have bumped the recall button.  Imagine his and the other fellows' surprise when, unexpectedly, my voice started hollering from out of the seat of his jeans!! hahahaha  It scared them all witless, but then as they realized what had happened, sent them into hysterics.  I could hardly hear my husband's humiliating description of the situation because the other men standing around him were laughing so heartily. hahahaha

We have a lot of fun my husband and I, we truly do.  It doesn't take much for us to provide entertainment for everyone around effort at all actually, just a lot of absent mindedness.  heehee

Speaking of absent was I?

Oh I was able to track down my husband's missing hat.  It has been gone for over 8 weeks.  I finally located it at the home of a parishioner who lives many kilometers from here, so I gave myself a lovely afternoon of driving around the countryside to go and retrieve it.  I stopped in our other church's town to deliver some items and had lunch out just for fun.  (Today was my dreaded A1C test that I know is not going to have the stellar results of the last 2, so I coped by treating myself to a few joys today.)  I had a lovely visit with the parishioner who had the hat.  I met some of the staff at the nursing home in that town when I went to their "lost and found" looking for my husband's lost reading glasses.  I saw how far along many of the farmers are with their harvest after last week's amazing week of hot, dry weather.  The fields are full of swathers and combines taking advantage of the few warm days still ahead.  When I got back to my own town I treated the car to a washing at the car wash and most of the bug guts came off the front bumper, but tomorrow I will go out with a bucket and sponge and some special "stuff" my husband has that takes them off even better than the car wash brush.  

Tonight I have company coming overnight and I am looking forward to a good visit with her. Tomorrow, after I finish cleaning the car, I will start putting together a huge binder of all the diabetes information I have collected over the past few months so that it is all together in one organized bundle.  Then there will be only 1 day left and my husband will be home again.  Perhaps I will treat the front lawn to another good mowing.  If I work it right and the autumn is cool, I am figuring I only have to mow the lawn another 3 to 4 times at most between now and the snow. 

It is a great week thus far!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Aaaaand They're a Cloud of TIm Horton's Coffee

This is a "somebody pulled the plug" kind of morning. I feel like a deflated balloon after all the rushing about during preparation for the guys' trip.  We were all up at 6am, bagels and cream cheese at the ready for the canoeists, who actually left on time to meet up with the rest of the group in the city.  Since we don't drink coffee and never have it in our house....not for some noble social justice reason or anything, but because we are too cheap and too lazy to purchase a coffee maker.....our guest knew he would be stopping at the local Tim Horton's on the way out of town.

SO, I have learned a valuable lesson:  never purchase coffee. Keep up our miserly standards and never purchase a coffee maker, IF we want to ensure our overnight guests depart at a reasonable time in the morning without lingering on and on. The desperate need for coffee by the caffeine addicted will lure them to the Tim Horton's within a half hour of rising.  Since it is out on the highway heading homeward anyway.......hohoho! Lesson learned!