Sunday, June 26, 2016

Wonky Sunday

Do you sometimes have days where you don't have any peace about how to spend the day and it starts going by in a fog as you stumble around trying this and trying that and nothing feels completely peaceful or right or interesting or like any sort of accomplishment?

Today is like that for me.

I woke up feeling kind of out of sorts, tired, mild upset stomach, but not actually ill.  My husband was getting ready to head over to the Lutheran congregation in our mutually used church building to listen to their Gay Pride week service and then attend their Bible study on what they believe the scriptures actually say about that issue.  He is tired of getting theology and information from Christian people who do not actually live within the Christian LGBTQ context and he has to finalize his vote at General Synod next month when our own denomination decides whether or not to change our marriage canons to include gay marriage.  I would have gone with him but felt too lazy to deal with some of the flack we might get from the leadership there who perceive us as anti-LGBTQ because our particular congregation has chosen not to make an issue of the issue. I know where I stand on the issue personally and am too beat to bother with it all today, even though I care about the issue and about the people involved.

I toyed with the idea of walking over to the park where our own congregation is having their annual outdoor service and picnic but it is kind of a grey, windy day, my hip is aching and I don't feel I want to be there without my husband on the only Sunday we are actually in town this month, the first Sunday after the wardens posted the letter about his resignation.  He should be the one to address it in person first, not me.  In fact he is writing a letter of his own to email to everyone either tonight or tomorrow since he was unable to read the resignation letter himself due our being away at the time it had to be publicly announced to fit within the canon regulations.

So, I stayed home and am doing laundry.  Might as well.  Today is a better day to get ready for our next foray out on the highway than tomorrow is because I have to do all the banking in the morning...several different banks and it will take a long time.  Laundry and I get on much better together when we perform the task early in the morning and get it over with. Sometimes I can even get the ironing done the same day if the air is dry enough to take the moisture out of the clothes hanging over the bathroom shower curtain by mid afternoon.  

Guess that is my day today.  

I had a shower...does that count for anything beyond obeying the general call to good personal hygiene?  My teeth are brushed. My hair is sprayed into place.  I am wearing a nice new and fresh Indian house dress that is roomy and sufficiently dressy to answer the door in should anyone show up here.  I am blogging about nothing of interest to anyone outside the family.  I am cheery and not depressed at all.  I am mentally getting my suitcase packed in readiness for this coming week's jaunt across the border to the west. Lunch will consist of leftover falafel balls my husband made yesterday...and wow, are they yummy or what???  With a salad and some hummus it is quite delicious and sufficiently filling that I can stay within my carb count on the falafel and still feel sated afterward.  Supper is all ready least the general purpose tomato veggie sauce is.  All I have to do is decide if I am going to prepare some spaghetti pasta for it or slather it sloppy Joe style on toast like we ate it last night.  I suppose I could make a list of possible vegetarian recipes and choose one to prepare for a dinner I am going to on Tuesday evening...I suppose...if I wasn't feeling so lazy I COULD do that....maybe........

Yawn....hey, a nap is a great idea.  I could go and have one right now before lunch and another one after lunch. That would make the day fly by in between running up and down the stairs doing loads of laundry.  

Naaaaa....I admit I hate napping during the day.  I could try and finish the novel today I am presently reading: "Love in the Time of Cholera" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.  If the story is a bit inane it is at least written with some gentle humour and I am enjoying it.  I have read worse plots and this book is well written and very entertaining.  Yes...finish the book so I can take new ones on our trip this week. Good accomplishment of sorts.

There, my day is decided...what a relief!

I suppose not every day has to be motivated by goals and achievements.  Today is DEFINITELY one of those days.   I am sure there is a bit of an undercurrent of concern about my son's eye going on, but I can't do anything to help him with it other than pray and be here when he calls after his next surgery. Guess I'll just relax and enjoy my odd, lazy, unmotivated day. you go: just read the daily prayer in my book for today. It seems quite applicable!

"Lord, what a blessing it is to be able to come before  You-the wisest, most intelligent Being in the universe......Thank You for giving me wisdom and direction, even when I can't see the way."

haha  Now there's a prayer that fits the day here for me! haha  

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Simple, But Likely Effective!

The short daily prayers in the little book I have been using this year are sometimes annoyingly simplistic, BUT they get right to the heart of the matter and anyone, even me, can understand their intent.

I especially appreciate the one assigned to June 22 and have been praying it and variations thereof on behalf of our financially struggling diocese as our Bishop, my husband and the others on staff try to regroup, reassign, fix, attempt, vary, create and generally continue to trust God to help them do the right things to help us all out here.  

This is the prayer for that day and it simply encapsulates the desires and needs we have here: 

"Lord, Your resources are unlimited.  I boldly ask that You would provide for the needs of our (diocesan) ministry. Bring our ministry to the minds of people who are willing to give of their time, money, talents, or other resources to bless these ministry efforts to further Your kingdom."

Amen and amen! 

Well Cared For

My son just called again.  Turns out the doctor who came to remove the rust from his eye this afternoon decided she did not feel confident about performing the procedure herself so she has referred him to an opthamologist.  He is supposed to receive a call from that office on Monday to set up the surgery for next week so I am praying that is how it happens!!  The rust particles are in the lower cornea and not blocking his vision nor causing any pain so I pray it stays that way until it can all be removed.  In the meantime today's doctor set up a WCB account for him in case he has to miss any work.  He is feeling very well cared for and I am glad of that.  And so we wait.....

The OR Gallery opening went very well last night according to son.  He was thrilled that not only all his friends came, but so did many people he has never seen before. Newcomers!  YES!!  Apparently it went very well all evening.

He was so tired when it was over that he actually turned down an invitation to go dancing for the rest of the night and went home to bed. He was concerned that the strobe lights and extra exhaution would not be good for his eye and I am glad he realized that.

Today he is taking his time resting and researching a more varied diet for his little tetra fish, named "1-2-3".  Apparently 1-2-3 is constipated and needs some different food.  hahaha  It is a good thing my son's girlfriend is overseas right now because she would be in stiff competition with that fish for my son's attention.  Such a cargiver as he is....hahaha.  I have to admit though he is one cute little fish, very teeny and feisty and loveable.

So, I will exhale about my son's eyes until  his appointment is set up for next week.  In the meantime I keep praying and hoping this turns out just right for him. Thanks so much from him as well as myself to those of you who have let us know you are praying for a good outcome for him.  Bless you all.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Thank You Lord That My Son Still Has His Vision!

Our son called us last night on the phone. Given that it was nearly midnight here we knew something was likely amiss.  Sure enough, he needed some advice about a red, swollen, sore eye!

As he described the symptoms I became concerned about the lack of itching that could indicate an allergy and the lack of discharge that could indicate an infection.  Eye wash drops had done nothing to lessen the redness or bring down the swelling and neither had allergy eye drops.  I told him to get to the walk in clinic in his neighbourhood early this morning, before they were even open, so he could get in line right away.

He took my advice seriously, got there in time to be their very first patient and while he was there he was given a thorough examination by the doctor.  A piece of metal was discovered embedded deep in his eye.  By some miracle it had not pierced any retinal or corneal tissue and no obvious infection was showing.  

The clinic is not equipped to dig pieces of metal out of eyeballs, so they sent him immediately down the street to the nearest optometry clinic.  The clinic wasn't open yet so he waited outside until the office manager arrived.  She took one look at his eye and the accompanying doctor's request for treatment and ushered him in ahead of the first booked patient.  The doctor there was able to dig out the metal piece quite painlessly and install a bandage style contact lens.  Unfortunately the metal was rusty and there are rust spots still located in my son's eye, so tomorrow afternoon he will return to that clinic as an emergency patient and the removal of the rust will begin.  It may take several appointments to locate and remove all of it.  In the meantime he is on antibiotics and sporting an eye patch to protect the eye while it heals from the medical invasion it has experienced and will continue to experience until all the rust is removed.

My son has spent the past week drilling through the  flooring and putting up metal structures to hold art photos and paintings and sound speakers in the old building that houses the gallery where he is curating a new exhibit that opens tonight.  He is scrupulously careful to always wear his safety goggles and cannot for the life of him figure out how a piece of metal could have embedded itself so deeply into one of his eyes.  Losing his vision or otherwise damaging his eyes would be a fate worse than death in his mind and particularly so as he is a visual artist, so I know how careful he is to protect himself when working with tools for installations.

That is what struck the doctor that removed the metal piece.  Even he cannot figure out how a piece of metal that large could find itself so deeply into the eye and he joins us all in gratitude that somehow there has apparently been no permanent damage to any of the surrounding tissue.  

Thank you Lord for protecting my son from the worst case scenario.  So far so good and we continue to  pray for proper healing and no vision loss.  Please bless him with a successful opening at the OR tonight after all the work he has put into the installation, to the point of injuring himself! Thank you Lord for your mercy and healing, Amen!  A prayer from a grateful Mom!

HUH? Wanna Try Saying That Again?? Maybe We Just Ate Too Much Lunch??

As we were running our errands today we began to realize we are somewhat tired.  My husband was driving like a 90 year old and I was confused about how to get somewhere we have been more than once before...neither of us slept well last night so it has been "one of THOSE days"! haha

Just now my husband asked me to assist him in getting some new tea leaves transferred from the bag to an air tight glass jar as he was spilling it hither and yon.  He was trying to tell me that the leaves were hard to direct because they were too intertwined, or perhaps he was telling me they were too intermingled.  It came out as "intertwingled".  I laughed and laughed at his mistake but when I tried to use one of the two words he had confused, my own word came out as "intermined".  Sigh......

We both need a nap. 

Despite the exhaustion I did go for a walk to the grocery store after lunch at Enso Japanese Restaurant just off the south side of Quance, tucked in beside the Nayot shoes dealership, a couple of doors down from Oliv.  The food was very good but after the quality and portion sizes in Vancouver for half the price I wasn't that impressed with what we got for our money.  Luckily for Enso the demise of both Michi Sushi and, more recently, Hanabi Japanese Restaurant will probably guarantee them a clientele of folk like ourselves who cannot stomach the dreadful sushi attempts at the I Like Sushi and I Love Sushi buffets.

So I am serious about that nap thing....nighty night for now!

Apparently I Stand Corrected

According to my husband the Chinese buffet lunch we had the other day was, at best, a bit better than mediocre, saved by the fact that even with only a half hour left before the end of the buffet the food was still hot in its trays and by the sheer variety of dishes.  

It would seem that my blood sugar had likely dropped to a point where any food containing carbohydrates would taste absolutely heavenly.  In fact he is still chuckling at the rate at which I consumed more food at one meal than he has seen me eat in well over 2 years and at the rave review I gave it not only at the time but again this morning.  

Blah.......and here I thought we had found a decent Chinese restaurant buffet.....poop......wrong again......sigh....stupid blood sugar......

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Just a Little Walk With Jesus

No matter how ill, depressed, lonely, incapacitated or stressed I feel at any given time, a walk through a park filled with trees or along a street filled with blooming flower beds makes me very conscious of the Lord's presence.  My husband feels that way in the mountains courting danger, but I feel that way on a simple tree lined street.  

We just went for our daily walk...a little less than 3km today as we have other tasks to accomplish...and spent most of our traipsing time walking through Wascana Park between Broad and Albert Streets.  We tried to go for a bit of an Indian buffet lunch at  Bombay, but a handprinted sign hanging somewhat awry in their window informed us the restaurant is closed for a "few days", so we walked back a block to Leo's Tavern for our usual taco beef salad and buffalo chicken burger with coleslaw.  Yum! (Sadly we are almost out of coupons and gift cards for all the restaurants we have been enjoying for the past year, so I am going to have to start cooking creatively again at home...dang and blast!! hahaha)

Just outside our front door at home we had a lovely encounter with yet another goose family, this time riding herd on a late batch of 5 wee ones, still at the gosling stage...ooooh, TOO cute!!  I could hardly pull myself away to get going on our walk.

It is a warm and sunny day, but of course the prairie wind continues its nearly daily blow through.  At least it keeps the mosquitos moving! We loafed along through the park to the Albert Street bridge on the way to the restaurant, then took the shorter route back through the Provincial Museum lobby where my husband had the bright idea to stop at the gift shop for some reason I cannot fathom.  He detests gift shops! Of course I had to pick up 2 very inexpensive bread and butter pottery plates created in the new design mode of Parsons Dietrich pottery in Moose Jaw; some lovely new ideas from them that I vastly prefer to their former designs and colours.  Our little old bread and butter plates that are part of a beloved china set from my maternal grandmother's estate barely hold a slice of toast each and are rather frustrating to use, so it is time to replace them with larger plates. The dinner plates are also getting a bit chipped and cracked so will start replacing them one or two at a time as well over the next year or so.  I have never had to have matched sets of 6 or 8 and now particularly prefer a variety after being in Japan and seeing how visually exciting mismatched china and pottery CAN be when setting a table. If I can continue to find pottery plates at the low price I paid today it won't take long to build up a new combination of interesting daily use dishes.

Just after we got home Purolator delivery arrived with the new machete from Hickory Knives my husband ordered from Amazon a few days ago.  We have the 2 smaller knives that are great for preparing camp food and some minor chopping down of branches for fire starter wood, but for the canoe trips in August he has needed a more adequate machete for clearing brush.  It was so reasonably priced and the delivery was free....when I look at what he would have had to pay for the same machete here in the retail outlets that carry it I can hardly believe how much less he spent by ordering it online.  Fantastic.....

We are not going to make it to the bottle depot today after all as my husband has to spend some time communicating with his hiking pals and making a leather sheath for the new machete. He has a lovely piece of leather he has been saving for years for just such a project....FAR more exciting than handling dirty, sticky cans and bottles this afternoon. haha  We will go in the morning instead. That is the joy of holidays.  If goals are not accomplished one day there is always the next day to do them.....sigh....we realized this week we are SO ready to join our many friends who have retired over the past few years, some so much younger than ourselves.  Double sigh as we realize there is no way my husband can retire before the age of 70, assuming his health continues to stay as good as it is right now.  If he can't....well, I am not going to think about it at this moment!! Of course that is how we feel this week, but then a few minutes ago he brought up something work related and I could see the sparkle in his eye as he began contemplating how he is going to solve a particular issue when he returns there, haha.  Maybe he is not so ready to retire after all.......haha.