Thursday, November 26, 2015

Done For Another Six Months!

So happy to be home again this morning after an early, chilly, start to the day. Yes, today was a six month lab work check up; a good old needle in the arm, peein' in a cup kind of time. Now it is over, I am back home, breakfast eaten and all is right with the world! Soon the sun will rise and I will be able to gaze at this morning's unpredicted snowfall.

Once the car started without any problem, despite the nearly -20C temperature, the windows scraped and the heater working, it was a lovely drive through the lightly falling snow. Without wind to make visibility poor, the snow drifting down through the dark and under the streetlights was ethereal. It made the 6:30am cruise to the lab and back like a little winter holiday.

I find people so fascinating. I often wonder what they are thinking. What motivates people to say the things they say?? Yesterday I went to a postal outlet and before I even had a chance to request stamps, the postal clerk took a long look at my cane and asked me if I had had a stroke.

This was before I had any chance to struggle to open my purse, mix up my words, drop my cane on the floor, mix up my request, misunderstand the cost of the stamps, drop my change all over the counter, or exhibit any other sort of behaviour that could indicate cognitive or physical impairment beyond needing a cane. I don't even put any weight on the cane any more, I walk completely erect now, I only take it with me because of possible icy patches outside.

I didn't take time to ask the woman the basis of her question because there was someone in line behind me, but I admit to being curious as to the reason for that particular question. What sorts of things do I myself say to other people that leave them perplexed? Why is there so rarely time or opportunity to take people aside and discuss such things? Why do I care anyway? Motivation really interests me.

People: the most fascinating of creatures!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Snow Glorious Snow!

It is beautiful outside this morning.  The snow is falling in big fluffy flakes that pile up on the sidewalks and lawns in small puffy cloud formations.  It is incredibly lovely to watch.

I just returned from some shopping as the largest flakes began falling to the accompaniment of a strong north west wind.  Driving north homebound on one main thoroughfare was like driving into a whiteout, but when I headed east a few blocks before going north again there was barely any snow coming down along that route.  Within the five remaining minutes it took me to get home, the heavier snow reached my neighbourhood.  Since the warm tires on the vehicles are melting the puffs of snow on the roads, I am glad to be home before the temperature drops another degree or two and turns that bit of melt into icy patches.

The geese knew yesterday this cold and snow was coming. They were grouped by the hundreds on the lawns of our complex, gobbling up every bit of food they could find. Just as darkness was descending they rose en masse and flapped away to the south.

It is going to be interesting at 6:30am tomorrow when I am warming the car and scraping the windshield to go for my 6 months lab tests...brrrr....and skiiiiiiidd, I suspect.  The worst part is having to line up outside the door of the lab waiting for its 7am opening.  I will have to wear warm socks inside my 4 year old winter boots.  The pure wool liner in the foot is pretty much thinned out to the point of being far less warm than it used to be.  If I get a chance to return this winter to the shoe store in Moose Jaw that carries the particular brand of winter boot that has the same perfect, non-slip soles, I will purchase another pair, but the uppers on my present pair still look nearly new and the calf liner is still nice and warm.

For now, rather than projecting into tomorrow morning's possible ice festival out in our parking lot, I am just going to sit back and enjoy seeing the beautiful snow drifting to the ground while I put stamps on the Christmas cards.

A Small Conundrum

I have found myself lately wondering about my choir committment once our concert in January is over.  Since it is 3am and I am fully awake due to some hip discomfort, I have been mulling it over in my mind.

I so enjoy singing.  I enjoy the people there who are very friendly and easy to talk to during the breaks.  Our director is wonderful and the songs for the most part are appealing and fun to sing.

But I admit I am not content with it.  What is missing from the experience?  My heart is not in it the way it was for the first month or so and I don't know why for sure.

Is it because I had hopes that choir could be a place to meet some more retired women who would be interested in getting together for coffee occasionally, away from choir, thereby making some friends from this experience, but am realizing it isn't likely to happen?

Is it because my attention span has become so short that I am all ready bored with the steady committment of a choir?

Is it because the struggle of recovering from the hip surgery is wearing me out and I feel like I couldn't be bothered doing much of anything consistently until the pain and discomfort are over with?

Is it because God is preparing me all ready to move on to something else after the new year so there is no point in becoming too attached to the choir folk...either because I will be leaving or there is something negative about to occur with the choir itself?

Whenever I feel this kind of sinking feeling, a feeling that I am simply no longer attached to whatever group or activity I am participating in, almost a sorrowing inside for no obvious reason, it usually means my time of participation is coming to an end. It is the same feeling I have had in times past, previous to either having to unwillingly leave a job or a church for some unhappy reason, or when an unexpected move is about to happen, or else when someone we love is about to surprise us with news of their own departure.

O my...what next??  I hope I am wrong about my time with the choir ending on the one hand, but on the other hand, maybe something a bit more fulfilling is on the horizon.

I appreciate the way God seems to prepare me for changes, but while I am waiting to see what happens I would like to feel less sad and detached.

Just want to talk the situation over with myself here and see if writing down what I am feeling will bring any answers to my questions.

Time to go back to bed and see if a few more hours of sleep will refresh my mind sufficiently to make some sort of sense of these unexpected feelings that actually have been responsible for keeping me from a good sleep twice in the past week.  I would find this waking up in the night and obsessing about a community choir committment downright wierd if I hadn't gone through other times of struggle that seemed to be for no reason, only to have a reason appear at some point that made sense of my negative feelings.  

One thing I do know for certain is that whenever this sort of thing happens internally, it is a call to prayer. So, I will be praying about the choir as a whole, for the director and all the other singers, as well as for direction about my own place in the group.  Intercessory prayer callings are sometimes difficult to deal with, but actually praying is what lifts the burden.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

iPad Chuckles

I am discovering some of the fun of using our iPad for emails! This little machine has a few foibles to deal with, particularly its nasty habit of changing words and phrases without my permission!

Last night I had to send an email without proof reading it first and the recipient had a couple of questions after she read it. No wonder she was confused: "exercise" became "e revise" and spoiling" became "spooling", haha!

What a hoot! I am enjoying some new technology to screw up, haha!

Almost Done!

This morning I got serious about doing the Christmas cards, located the darned things in a drawer, got them all signed, the envelopes addressed, cheery stickers and return address labels applied and the letter written. Yay me!!

Now I just have to print off the letters, stuff them into the envelopes and go to the post office for stamps before popping everything into the post box. Again I say: Yay me!

I may even take advantage of the change of forecast from snow to no snow to become sufficiently motivated to put on clothes and drive over to the post office for those stamps....

....or not....teehee.....

Monday, November 23, 2015

And The Nicest Thing Of All.....

.....was the surprise phone call tonight from my son!

Got other calls today as well from friends across the country...another good day.

Wellll....Maybe There Is One Thing Almost As Nice....

......and that would be the amazing Indian food I ordered in for dinner tonight...a massive amount of food that I will get at least 4 meals from in total....ooooo, vindaloo....yummmmm.....

Good on you, Bombay Indian Bistro!