Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Chinese Food OUR Town Style

There are many interesting conversations to be had in our little town.  Many of them leave us shaking our heads in disbelief.   One of the more interesting ones, brief though it was, happened today.  After a half hour of vigorous exercise chipping thick ice off our sidewalks, the visiting rellies decided that some take out Chinese food would be in order.  We circled 'round the collection of take out menus in our kitchen drawer and made some selections.  However we had no menu for the supposedly best take out place in town. So my husband placed a call to their phone number.  Turns out that is the number of the pub attached to this restaurant.  No, there was no way to transfer his call to the kitchen.  They gave him another number and he tried again, with success this time.  The conversation went like this:
Hubby:  Is this the restaurant?
Staff:  Yes.
Hubby:  Do you have take out food?
Staff: Yes.
Hubby: May I place an order then?
Staff: Yes.
Hubby:  Do I go to the pub to pick up my order?
Staff:  No, this is the restaurant, not the pub. 
           Come to the  ~~***~ door.
Hubby:  I'm sorry, what did you say?
Staff: The ~~***~ door.
Hubby:  Okay, never mind, I'll find the door.
Staff:  I  all ready told you it is the ~~***~ door.
Hubby: Okey dokey then.... So,  I would  like to order spring rolls, chow mein, ginger chicken, and beef and broccoli.  Do you have those things?
Staff:  Yes mister, this is a Chinese restaurant. 
           We have all the Chinese food dishes here.
Hubby:  Oh, great! I would also like an order of fried tofu.   
Staff: TOFU??? TOFU?? Mister, we don't got no tofu. 
          This is a PUB!!!!
Yeah....................welcome to our town..............hahaha


Leah said...

Ha! That's awesome! Did he ever find the right door?

Susan said...

Yes the door was at last located and it turned out to just be the door into the pub!! Couldn't find any other doors. hahaha