Monday, January 16, 2012

Dad's Encouragement to Young Moms

I was just remembering some of my dad's wise words given to me when my son was a wee guy.  There is always the peer pressure in regard to potty training, losing the soothers, walking vs crawling, and graduating from bottles to cups.  Dad was a teacher and school principal for many years and his some of his favourite years were spent teaching Grade 1.  This is what he told me: 

"Susan, you need to relax about all these things. Children will learn as they are ready.  In all my years of teaching Grade 1, I never once had a child arrive at school wearing diapers, sucking on a soother, or drinking from a bottle.  All of them had given up crawling for walking.  So don't worry."  

It calmed me down and so I pass this on to whoever may need similar encouragement.

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