Sunday, January 29, 2012


This morning as I did my physiotherapy I realized how much I am enjoying it. To see that ankle start moving even a fraction of an inch more than it was able to move a few days ago is such an encouragement.  

I have a wonderful example of determination from the past to follow and keep me going: quite a few years ago now friends of ours had triplets born to them.  One of the little fellows was born with some movement disabilities and it is his success that drives me to continue my physio without discouragement.

This dear little fellow struggled and struggled to tame his legs and get them moving where he needed to go and he never gave up.  When we would go to visit we would ask him how he was and for a number of months his only answer was, "I gotta walk!"  And walk he did!!  It was halting, he became frustrated, but he never gave up!  

He has been my example on days when physio becomes frustrating.  I am so grateful for his example.   

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