Saturday, January 7, 2012

An Encouraging Start to the Day

Friends are so important.  This morning I woke up feeling a bit grumbly about becoming middle aged and all the health issues etc. that begin to crop up.  I was very tempted to feel sorry for myself for being a mere mortal like everyone else when it comes to earthly existence.  But I started up my computer right away and found an ecard from a caring friend.  One of the characters in the cartoon card was bemoaning the more difficult and negative signs of aging but her friend was responding with the positive side of that same sign.  Just what I needed to see first thing in the day:  something positive in direct response to my grumbling.  It ended with a cheery personal message from my friend, who while younger than me, is herself approaching the middle aged threshold.  I am so grateful for my friends of all ages.

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