Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happier Medical Venting

Today's doctor appt. went very well.  We left long before the sun was up for our 2 hour drive to the city.  Just like last time, there was little waiting for x-rays or the doctor's consult...unbelieveable and wonderful!  The doctor agreed to write the letter mentioned in my last post so MAYBE the process will be better expedited this time!  The x-rays look good, everything is healing well, I can start feather touching and more with my cast on over the next few weeks and have a couple of exercises to do at home.  Now the miracle I need is to not have to wait 3 or more months to get into physiotherapy here.  We have only 1.5 doctors in this town and recently 3 of our physiotherapists left, but I can't sit here with an ever stiffening ankle for 3 or 4 months waiting to get started.  I will start an aggressive search for assistance first thing in the morning. So far things have gone well and I am encouraged.  As is my husband: the city doctor told Dell there is no need to return for another follow up unless there is a problem or I have a concern.  He feels Dell shouldn't have to continue to drive me there on a monthly basis "so that Susan and I can sit here and pat ourselves on the back about how well this is going."  LOVE this guy! He answers all my questions and explains everything that is going on.  It was a good day today and PERHAPS my venting in yesterday's post will be for nought!  Hm....wouldn't that be great? 

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