Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy Happy New Year 2012

Wow, a brand new year is upon us.  A time to reassess what is going on in life and see what changes need to be made! It is a time to rejoice in the good things that happened last year and set aside some of the upsets. I love New Year!  A feeling of hope steals over me each time that annual calendar changes. This year could be even better than last year!  The mental/emotional slate is wiped clean and anything good could happen.  Was able to phone my son last night for a chat and learn of his good plans for the evening and for the start of the new year; got lovely emails and phone calls from other family and friends.  The sun is shining and it is crispy cold outside.  My husband is getting closer to healing from a bad cold and still has some days to get some rest before the full winter church schedule begins. Family is coming this week for a visit. My ankle is more flexible today than it has been.  Our people are returning to town and church after their holidays and sharing the fun they experienced with their families.  AND, best of all, today is the first day to use my 2012 Hello Kitty calendar!  hee hee  Yeah, I am worse than a little kid for enjoying "cute". I admit it.....happy new year....  

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