Monday, January 2, 2012

Hopes for the New Year All Ready Met For Some

I am excited today for 2 good friends.  2012 has only begun and all ready the hopes and dreams they have had for a long time have started to happen.  I have seen both these dear friends mired in long standing problems both personal and professional.  They have been bogged down and unable to see hope or to have motivation to make changes in their lives.  As of yesterday they are both on the path to a happier life.  One is making huge plans to change her career path and the other is moving to a whole new city to start again. Their news has cheered me immensely!  Just when it seemed there was to be no hope for either of them to experience new challenges and new adventures the answers started to come, and with them the energy to implement change.  I am thrilled for them!  
Yesterday a newly widowed aquaintance in the neighbourhood was able to drop in for a rare visit together.  She was having a terribly difficult day, missing her spouse who passed away less than a month ago. We sat and talked together and she reminisced.  Then she shared her plans for the immediate future and once again hope was expressed.  She has plans, she is determined to manage as best she can on her own.  She is very wise in her thoughts and actions in the midst of deep grief.  Once again there is hope.  Seeing the answers coming in the lives of others, answers that have been awaited for years in some cases, gives me hope too for my life, for our family, for our future and ministry.  This kind of hope is deeper than a New  Years Resolution.  It is the kind of hope that genuinely expects change and works toward it every day, will settle for nothing less.  Happy 2012 to my friends who are moving on at last.

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