Thursday, January 12, 2012

Medical Stress Ending....My Near Miracle

Good news this morning!
A spot has been found for me at the local private physiotherapy clinic and I can start my treatments in 3 weeks, instead of 6 weeks from now at the publicly funded clinic.  Yesterday was very stressful trying to get help within a reasonable amount of time from our badly understaffed local medical community.

No, not Job-like stress, but that "niggling annoying antsy feeling in the back of your mind" stress that sometimes happens when trying to set up appointments. 

The private clinic was going to send me back to the city for a costly one hour assessment before letting me start local treatments,  but there wasn't an hour available at all in the next 6 weeks, so my near miracle is that they will start me here without the assessment after all.  I had a bad feeling about trying to get back to the city with the upcoming return to real winter conditions and my exhausted husband not needing the stress as he tries to get back to his own work.

I am quite careful as to what I call an actual miracle.  It seems that a true miracle is something that happens very supernaturally, something that could not have happened by any natural alignment of the universe as we know it.  I have experienced only one or possibly two of those in my life.

However my definition of "near miracle" is when circumstances align more "coincidentally", wonderfully surprising me in the way things work out; the unexpected conveniences, the financial provisions blogged about previously, life's serendipities where you can see the hand of God or at the very least feel your heart well up with praise to him for the surprises that make life delightful, or easier, or less frightening than expected.

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