Friday, January 27, 2012

Monday Monday...........

In this case the Monday I am talking about is a large yellow dog that belonged to friends of ours quite a few years ago.  Monday passed away some time ago but he brought a lot of joy to our lives.  He was one smart puppy!  Monday and his family lived a distance away from us when we lived in Didsbury.  His people would sometimes bring him along when they visited.  Dell knew Monday really well because his people were Dell's employers as well as friends.  He saw Monday at least 5 days a week at the boss's house.  It didn't take more than 2 or 3 visits to our place for Monday to clue in that not only did we live there, but so did Dell's half ton work truck.  It was parked out behind our place as we had no garage.

Monday loved to go for a Saturday morning run.  It seemed to be the best morning to make his escape from the yard where he lived as it was the one day some of the family were sleeping in.  One Saturday Monday showed up at our back door at about 8am.  We awoke to whining, howling and barking at our back door.  Dell went to see what was going on and there was Monday.  He didn't want to come into our place, but he seemed to want Dell to come outside. So out Dell went.  As soon as he got out onto the porch Monday raced over to our half ton and jumped up into the box.  Well okay Monday, cute, but what are you doing?  Monday refused to get out of the box and continued to bark.  An hour later he was still carrying on out there and refusing to leave the truck. The neighbours were getting upset about the noise so Dell drove Monday back home.  His people were not impressed that he had escaped and then bothered other people.

The next Saturday Monday returned even earlier in the morning.  The same performance was repeated. Soon Monday was showing up as early as 6am.  Every week Dell tried to force the dog out of our truck box and chase him away but to no avail.

After a few weeks of this we finally caught on. Monday was playing us!!  He had recognized Dell's truck on his first visit, knew that we lived in building, and figured he had it made: a Saturday morning escape and a long and happy run until he was exhausted, followed by a chauffeured ride the rest of the way home in our truck!! 

It took a few weeks of him being more securely penned on Friday nights before he was broken of the habit of his Saturday morning escapades and it took us even longer to stop sleeping with one ear cocked for his arrival every weekend.  

Who ever came up with the expression Dumb Dog had never met Monday!!

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