Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Own Personal Restaurant

Over the past 61/2 weeks of being housebound (although today it would be storm stayed....blizzard brrrrrs), I have had the privilege of enjoying my husband's cooking.  He and his sister are amazing cooks and I have been blessed by this wonderful family at many meals.  

Dell cooks with little salt, few fats, and replaces creams and other high cholesterol ingredients with blends of herbs and spices to keep the flavours inviting.

Yesterday I hit the jackpot here at home: Dell woke up thinking he would like to make baking powder biscuits.....oooh, heavenly.  His do not taste of baking powder, which is my main complaint with other biscuits.  They are light and fluffy, salt free and don't need a ton of dangerous butter to give them flavour.  Just a wee tad of honey or a favourite cheese chunk to make them scrumptious!  We didn't have lunch...didn't need it after a late biscuit feast.

Dinner was amazing as well. I knew I would be treated to another kind of feast when I heard Dell muttering about how best to use up a plethora of potatoes, and a particuarly poor quality cut of steak.  We dined fashionably late and it was worth the extra wait for potato soup garnished with bits of bacon and green onion, followed by rogan josh with basmati rice, and cooked carrot strips with purple cabbage.  The very plain, unbuttered, unspiced veggies were a complement to the spicy rogan josh, and I didn't need a lot of rice carbs with the meat sauce.  O my, it was wonderful.

Don't you wish you were storm stayed or otherwise housebound with a cook like mine?  Sorry....he isn't for hire;  he's mine all mine!! 

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