Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Special Sunday Morning Community

Since being sidelined with this ankle and unable to attend church meetings, I have been granted a special time of fellowship most Sunday mornings here at home.  I have 2 gal pals that have taken to phoning me Sunday mornings almost every week.  One is in BC and one is in Ontario. We give each other encouragement, share our concerns and pray together sometimes over the phone. Sunday mornings are no longer isolated times with my husband gone to lead services and me stuck alone in the house. It seems I am also getting more emails from all manner of friends on Sunday mornings as well. This is a lovely development and I am once again grateful for ALL of my friendship community, here and elsewhere. There are many amazing people in this world. How blessed am I that so many of them, and from so many different backgrounds, differing belief systems and lifestyles choose to be my friend?!!?  Wow! 

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