Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Questions for ya'll

Is anyone else wondering about the following?

1.  If our current sources of electrical power are threatened by over use, terrorist takeovers and the like, why are we putting more and more essential data both personal and business onto computers which require  an electrical power source to operate and give access to that data?  

2.  At a time when identity theft is rampant why are we leaving ourselves so open to it with more use of online banking and payments of all kinds?

3.  At a time when we parents are being warned over and over about the alarming number of pedophiles and kidnappers who can gain access to our kids, or at least see identifyng visuals via the internet, why are we parents blithely posting photos of our young families on public internet blogs for example?

4.  Have you ever experienced the complete panic that ensues when you go to the bank (sometimes driving miles to get there on your one available day) to gain access to funds only to discover the computer system there is down, meaning the bank is closed completely and the ABM's are inaccessible for hours at a time until the system is back up and running, but by then it is too late for you and you are in trouble for not getting money put where it needs to be that day? (And yes, I have!) 

These are not deep questions, obviously, but I don't hear many people talking about them.  If another country wants to overrun our country for nefarious purposes they would only have to shut down our electrical grid and boom, we are helpless.    Just some things I have been wondering about today as I sit waiting for phone calls from public and private physiotherapy clinics in an attempt to get started before the 3rd week in Feb.  Perhaps medical stress and an idle mind are  not my friends..........

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