Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rental Revelation #3

I include rental #3 because it was such a delightful change from our first 2 places of town, new townhouse.  Remember townhouses?  They were the original condos and fit the proper definition of condos in that they had offset walls between living spaces, 2 separate exits and the like......they were row housing but completely separate living spaces, not merely repainted and up priced former rental apt.'s gone privately owned and illegally named as condos.

Our narrow 2 storey townhouse was nearly new.  Only one or two other tenants had preceded us.  The building materials were the cheapest of the cheap, but compared to our first 2 rentals this was a dream come true.  Although the back yard was about 8 square feet, divided by a cement block sidewalk to the back gate and with a tree stuck awkwardly onto one side of the remaining grassy area, it was our own back yard and the grass could be cut with a set of pruning shears. (There wasn't room for the smallest of mowers back there anyway!)  It was fenced and private.  There was new gold carpet on the living room and bedroom floors.  There was undamaged linoleum, and paint on the walls, that were new and matched each other......imagine that!!  Yes the colour scheme was the typical rental unit assortment of beige and eggshell, with the gold bathroom fixtures and kitchen appliances so popular in the early '80's, but the cleanliness was wonderful. AND the luxury of having 2 bedrooms, one for the new baby, was exquisite! AND a half basement for storage and laundry....heaven!  No more laudromats!!

The construction in our unit though had one little glitch that provided hours of amusement for us:  on the ground floor just where the staircase began was a space in the wall that hadn't been properly insulated.  If our neighbours on that side happened to be standing at the bottom of their stairs and speaking in anything above a whisper we could hear everything they were saying.  We quickly learned to be quiet on our side of the stairs to maintain our own privacy.  

Our first neighbours loved to holler at each other and their language was colourful in the extreme.  It was good for our baby son that this family moved away when they did or it is quite likely his first word would have been "##!!**&"  or "**^**%" or even "%$$##"!!!  Can you imagine??  Dell and I received quite an education ourselves!

The second set of neighbours were lovely people.  No colourful language came through the walls and we alerted them to the sound travel possibilities when they moved in.  However there was also a little glitch in the design of the places. The master bedrooms were right beside each other, hence adjoining windows.  Our neighbour was a meat cutter who went to work at 5am.  He was a deep sleeper.  He loved "country music" (an oxymoron to me if ever there was one).  His alarm was set to a country music station and it was set on the highest volume to ensure his wakefulness in time to get to work. During the summer months our entire family began their day at 4am.  Johnny Cash or the like would come barrelling in our windows, at a morning hour that had not previously existed for me, and at deafening decibels. It continued for at least a half hour until our neighbour roused himself sufficiently to turn it off.  All we could do was laugh and pray for winter to come early so that all our windows would be closed and the noise reduced to what could still filter through the adjoining walk in closets. What a summer!! haha

From the townhouse we then moved into our own house, built by Dell and his family, and there we stayed for about 18 years.  To end this series I will describe 1 other place of residence that we found most the next post. 

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