Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Small Pleasures

My husband is out of town for the evening, feeling better, back to full time work and catching up with his congregations. However, the dishes have been gilding the countertop in the kitchen for nearly 3 days time, and next to dusting it is his most hated task, even though I can dry them from the wheelchair.

So, tonight after he left I decided that surely I could find a way to help him out for a change.  Whoo hoo, 90 minutes later and all the dishes are done, some at reaching distance from the wheelchair are even put away.

 Since I still only have one weight bearing foot it did take creative thought!  First I wheeled the crutches (for back up if needed) from my office to the kitchen, then wheeled back to the entryway for the walker, which I can tip up on top of my lap.  Dropped the walker next to the crutches.  Then I wheeled over to the island and pushed a wooden bar stool over in front of the sink with my good foot.  Back with the wheelchair to the walker.  Used the walker to get back across the kitchen to the stool, and sat on the stool at the sink to do the dishes after doing a head stand to  fish out the rubber gloves and drain board underneath the sink.  Washed as many dishes as would fit onto the drainboard without tumbling down onto the floor, (the dishes AND myself) then peeled my butt off the stool, grabbed the walker and headed back for the wheelchair.  Next step was to wheel backwards into the space between the drainboard, stove, and island, grabbing a tea towel from the stove rack on the way by.  As I dried I passed the clean dishes onto the island.  Then back over to the walker and a transfer so I could walker back to the stool. There were a lot of dishes to soak and several sinks of water to drain and refill.  I did the transfer from chair to walker to stool and back 4 or 5 times and I am exhausted, partly from the excitement of at last accomplishing a small household task! Being able to drop my foot down instead of having to stand with it waving madly about in mid air makes a difference to what I can do now, even without any real weight bearing. Not being the brightest star in the firmament, I am quite delighted I was able to figure out a plan.

I can't wait to see my husband's face when he walks in the door tonight and sees a clean counter and only a few clean dishes left to put away.  He has done so much for me and it is one of life's simple pleasures to surprise him this way!  YIPPEE!!!!  

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