Saturday, January 28, 2012

So THERE! Fixed YOU!!!

A friend of ours told us a great hedgehog story.  During the hedgehog as a pet phase out here on the prairies, a farming family not far from where we lived was not impressed when their school aged children brought home a breeding pair of hedgehogs they had purchased from a friend.  The father was very angry and said they had to get rid of their new pets.  He mentioned destroying them but that sent the kids into fits of tears and hysterics.  So he told the kids to relax, he would take hedgehogs away but not hurt them. I don't know what he told his children about the fate of their hedgehogs, but what he had actually done was toss the pair into an old shed, assuming they would just freeze out there as it was the dead of winter at the time. That was the end of any more talk of hedgehogs at their house!  

But the joke was on dad:  the shed he had thrown them into was filled with old straw bales and of course those bales were filled with insects hibernating for the winter...a wonderful food source for the breeding pair of hedgehogs.  heehee

When the father went to that shed later in the spring to get something he had left in there, not even remembering he had tossed the breeding pair of hedgehogs in there that winter, he opened the door and got quite a surprise!  Inside that shed he discovered the breeding pair had been doing what a breeding pair does.  Inside that shed were hundreds of tiny hedgehogs!!  They were well fed, running about the place, and not at all alarmed by his presence.  hahahahaha  He gave up and called a breeder to come and collect them.  The kids were ecstatic and dear old dad got his comeuppance! haha  Be careful how you treat animals as you don't always win battles with them!!AND they can make you appear extremely and sometimes deservedly  foolish!   

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chris e. said...

This sounds like Trouble With Tribbles!