Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Morning Comin' Down

Today was to be my fledgling attempt to return to church.  My husband was prepared to take the extra time to load and unload and reload and unload and reload myself and the chair and the crutches, so that I could go to both towns and services starting very early this morning.  However, at long last real winter has returned to the prairies.  An Arctic Front has arrived, and there is snow coupled with the remains of the last ice storm.  Added to this are quickly dropping temperatures. By midweek the daytime highs will be in the -30C range.  So no church for me today. Moving me and all my accoutrements is too time consuming and dangerous in this weather.  Most of western Canada is getting hit with winter's return, including my son on the west coast:  the rare morning temperature of -2C and about 5cm of snow.  He will have the opportunity to wear the winter coat and boots he purchased last year for a winter visit to our fair town.....the visit where he was literally housebound for 6 days in a row due to the incredible snowfall and freezing cold. I am trying not to worry about a friend of mine who is moving westward today, right through the blowing snow, icy highway, and into a city under a major storm warning today.  May she be safe and warm and arrive intact. 

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