Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Visiting Rellies

Last night Dell's sister and her husband arrived from out of town.  They brought a lovely tortierre for dinner and Dell made a fantastic salad with grated carrots, slices of red and yellow peppers, sliced pears and bocconcini.  After dinner the rellies did all the dishes to give Dell a break.  How kind as he was feeling quite ill again last night with his cold.  Today they are in the city for the day and tonight we will order in some good old fashioned teeny town Chinese food and they are planning to do our day's dishes again tonight.  Neither of us has a large extended family.  It makes a couple of days like this all the more special.  A sister can see you when you are ill and want to help.  Dell was able to go to bed super early because I had them here to assist me in the evening.  We are generally very much on our own as we live too far away for receiving/giving help very often from/to our little family. What with the son here at Christmas and now my visiting sister in law, we have received a ton of assistance with many things.  This time is especially sweet as we are so in need of it.  Hoping we will not be so far away in future so that we can also be of help to them when next they need it. 

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