Sunday, January 22, 2012

Winter Snows, Shovelling Woes

Woke up this morning to about 3cm of fresh snow...not a lot, but enough to completely cover the sidewalks where our local parishioners will be walking to get into the church for service in a few minutes.  Dell has no time to shovel on Sunday mornings,  as he is gone before 8am to attend to services for our other congregation 60 km away and it is still too dark at 8am to see.  The new snow covers the remaining ice patches left over from our freezing rain a couple of weeks ago, making walking even more treacherous.  We were feeling so badly about it and wondered what to do. There is less than 10 minutes between Dell's arrival back home and the start of the service here.  A few minutes ago I heard all manner of chugging machinery and shovel scraping.  I looked out the window and saw one of our men outside with a small bobcat attached to a large shovel!  Within  minutes the church parking lot, sidewalk, and our own rectory sidewalk were all cleared of fresh snow and the remaining ice nicely pebbled up to create a safer walking surface.  Before he was done the man removed an attached handshovel and personally cleared our own walk and steps up to the front door.  All sidewalks in front of and up to the door of the rectory are our own responsibility, not the church's, so this gift this morning is very special.  Dell can relax and not feel badly about snowy sidewalks and not having time to do them himself Sunday mornings. Our parishioners will be safe. Thank you Wayne!  

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