Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Wonders of Physiotherapy

It was a banner day for me at physio today and I am so grateful for having a wonderful therapist. Serge is energetic and encouraging and very kind.  My husband loves him because the man is taking his Bachelor of Philosophy so I got to listen to them "talking shop" while I was getting my deep therapy massage.  They are both starving for someone local to talk to about what truly interests them so it was fun to see how excited they were to discover mutual interests.

All the hard work I did on my exercises at home paid off today.  I am stronger and more confident on my crutches, walking better, standing taller and putting more weight onto my foot.  Today we practised putting a huge amount of standing weight on my foot, still in my bootcast of course, but what a shock to have that leg under me again even for a brief time.  So, all ready a graduation to the next phase of exercising and the introduction of weights on my foot.  Starting at 2.5 pounds for the next possibly 3 weeks then upping the weight more and more for a couple of months until the ankle is strong enough to handle full weight and nearly weaned off the cast.  

The hardware in my ankle prevents the bones from separating their usual .5 cm when bending and walking so I may never have full restoration of range of movement, but I all ready knew that and will work hard to restore it as much as possible.  In a couple of months I could be walking again, sans boot cast. 

Hope is a wonderful thing........hope restored is even more so.  

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