Tuesday, March 20, 2012

1st Day of Spring on the Prairies

What an opening day for the spring season in our province!  The south eastern corner is experiencing record high temperatures and the south western and central portions of the province are covered with a thick layer of ice, 30 cm of blowing snow and dealing with highways labelled "Travel Not Recommended--Ice Covered".  

Guess what part of the province we live in....Yup....

My husband went out yesterday afternoon and shovelled the first 15 cm of the wet heavy snow so that a visitor could access our front door, and this morning he will have to go out and do it all again, tossing handsfull of ice melt ahead of his every step in order to stay upright.

There is a certain rhythm to shovelling after an ice storm:  step carefully, push the shovel ahead as far as it will go, toss ice melt pellets on the newly shovelled area, step forward carefully onto the ice melt, stand still and swivel upper torso carefully to toss the snow from the shovel onto the nearest open space on the lawn.......repeat and repeat and repeat....upon completion tiptoe carefully back across the ice melt pellets, re-enter the house, collapse on church pew in entry way and thank God above you didn't fall and break bones.

Guess we will not be driving to the city today for church supplies.....not today, not any day this week.  The forecast for this afternoon and again in 2 days is for rain.....rain that will freeze overnight and leave our area in this state for weeks to come.

And so, I live here why?????  Okay I admit it, the whole ice storm thing is kind of fascinating despite the inconveniences.  And this storm wasn't as bad as some others in the past!  The power  only blipped out once yesterday......for a split second.....just long enough to remove the correct time from every clock in the house and obliterate all my carefully programmed information from my VCR. (Yes, you read it right.....VCR!!  Ya' wanna make something of it??)

Don't hate me because of my elderly tv technology...... 

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