Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Almost a Normal Day For the First Time Since November

What a normalizing, freeing afternoon I had today.  I am so grateful for it!  After a crazy morning doing all manner of work related things (will my husband EVER get his days off ever again?) Dell loaded me up in the car and took me downtown.

I got to do my own banking, I was able to get up the steps and down again at the post office to check mail by myself.  Then we drove to the library to the book sale and I spent a glorious half hour picking out reading material sufficient to last me for months into the future.  Once again I got up and down the long flight of steps to the book sale with only a slight assist from my cane and the handrailing. I bought so many books the librarian had to give Dell a box to carry them in!

Surrounding all this wonderful activity of daily living I was also able to do 6 loads of laundry, the last of which are drying in the dryer while I write. Everything will be folded, ironed, and put away by bedtime.

Dell has been a brick this past few months, caring for me, transporting me along with my ever varying assortment of riding and walking aids. He still does almost all the cooking but that is fast coming to an end as I am able to stand for longer periods of time.  Life is returning to normal and I can't seem to stop it! As I look around this pre-spring, grey, drab little town I sometimes do want to stop it so that I don't have to go out every day again and gaze upon that grey drabness  and the flatness of the surrounding prairie, but I am glad to be busy doing more regular activities like playing my keyboard and being able to carry my own dishes to the table. I will miss being spoiled rotten, I admit it, but it is also good to see my abilities to be productive returning.

I tried on a shirt today I haven't worn much because it shows off so well the rolls of excess fat around my tummy, but I have lost enough weight now to wear it without embarrassment.  The physio exercises are helping more than my ankle and that is exciting.  It bodes well for the summer wardrobe.  (Even we old gals are a bit self-conscious about weight issues sometimes...even though no one else is looking or caring any more.)

Today a parishioner expressed strong appreciation for our ministry here. People in ministry accept and appreciate every positive comment they get! It was the icing on the cake of a happy and productive day. I am incredibly fortunate. 

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