Sunday, March 11, 2012

And the Winner is........VIA Rail!!

I just read a newspaper article online that told of a Canadian so called "celebrity" being removed from her Via Rail train for bringing her dog into the passenger seating rather than putting him into the usual cargo space where he was supposed to be. 

 What she tried to get away with is known as "breaking the rules" and I am thrilled that her status in the arena of Canadian entertainment did not prevent her from having to face the same consequences for rule breaking as the rest of us would have faced.

The person shall remain nameless here as I have not personally met her, have nothing really against her and only desire to express an opinion against arbitary enforcement of rules in places catering to the general public. I am just happy that there are still some companies and their employees who do not exempt entertainers from following the rules.  As a regular nobody type of person it is nice to know this kind of enforcement of the rules regardless of social standing of the rule breaker still happens in my country.

And shame on you nameless entertainer for publicly reacting so angrily about being made to follow the rules.....the language you used was as abominable as your attitude of denial that the rules actually apply to you. What you should have tweeted, blogged and otherwise published is a big fat apology for arrogantly disregarding VIA Rail's policies!  

So kudos to Via Rail for providing equal opportunity ridership.....and I do hope the entertainer will now calm down and realize that being made to follow rules was not a personal attack.

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