Thursday, March 8, 2012

Charitable Donation Agitation

This week I received yet another unsolicited "thank you gift" from a charitable organization I sent funds to some weeks ago.  Aaaaargh!!!  I don't need a large sized brown envelope filled with greeting cards I would never choose to buy, kitschy envelope stickers, post it note pads with only 10 medium sized sheets of paper on the pad and coloured a bilious blue, and a refrigerator magnet with my own name and address printed on it.  Surprise....I all ready know my own name and where I live!

I only sent this particular organization  a small donation, barely worthy of any form of thanks.  Instead of a simple charitable tax receipt they sent the above pack of crap!  (pardon my low class language) What a waste of paper and postage by people wanting ME to cut down on wasting the earth's resources! 

In the past 5 years I have received junk gifts from some organizations that cost  between 3% and 5% of my total donation, despite the discounts they receive for ordering these things in bulk. It is nice to be thanked for gifts of course, but when I give to charities I don't do it for the sake of receiving thanks.  I give with the intention of helping them achieve the goals for which their organizations were created. Once administration is paid and these crazy gift packs have been sent out, is any of my donation actually being used to seek cures for fatal diseases, or to preserve endangered species?

It is particularly galling to me to have groups who claim to be saving our forests sending me half a tree's worth of said forest in the form of useless paper products.  And what does a huge pack of greeting cards that are too cheaply made and embarrassing to send to people have to do with funding medical research???

Sorry about the rant.......I am severely  irritated today by this nonsense.  What is especially upsetting is now I am going to have to waste more paper and postage to send a letter to the latest offenders explaining to them why I will not be sending them any more donations!

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