Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Crazy Fun For the Son

We have been encouraging our workaholic, perfectionist son to stop worrying about making detailed plans for the future while he is waiting to hear from grad schools, and to give his plans and his worries to the Lord.  hahaha  Well..........

The first thing that happened was that he accidentally sent part of his application to an east coast school to the wrong programme!!  The school has a full time programme but has just implemented a summer programme.  It is the full time programme he is sort of interested in but the summer programme holds no interest and the degree isn't the greatest.  He realized what had happened when last week he received mail telling him the summer programme is interested and wanted to do an initial interview with him by telephone.  He contacted the registrar and explained what had happened and asked if they could please pass on the application they had, immediately, to the full time programme registrar.  He knew it would arrive too late but since that school was farther down the list of choices for him, o well.........

hahaha  When our family entrusts things to the Lord all kinds of hilarious things happen.  Yesterday he received a call back from the summer programme registrar and was interviewed by phone.  At the end of the phone call he was told he is accepted into the summer programme.  hahaha  He doesn't want to go there, it isn't a great degree for him, and he will still fly out east next week to keep his interview at another interested school that he probably can't afford to attend anyway. So far there is not one word from any of the west coast schools he really wants to attend.  

So often it seems that only someone from our crazy family  could do something like accidentally apply for the wrong programme and be accepted!!!  hahaha  It will be most interesting to see how everything plays out for him, but we warned him that if he entrusted his future to God it could get far more interesting than he bargained for. So far so true..........hahahahaha 

If nothing else God has our son's full attention these days!  

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chris e. said...

I'd say take the summer course for the sake of adventure. You never know what will happen or who you're going to meet.