Friday, March 16, 2012

Decisions Decisions Decisions AAAARGH!!

Why is it so difficult sometimes to make decisions about the big things in life?  Looking at the facts and figures, pros and cons, doesn't always help settle the questions of the heart.  While the right path seems to eventually become quite clear, living in the prior limbo time is just not that easy sometimes.

Making life decisions, for me, falls into the broad category of "Lord, why are these things NEVER easy??"

Of course part of the answer to the question comes from the Lord who tells me over and over again, through the stories of the Bible and through my own life experiences, that if it was easy I would lose opportunities to discover just how much or how little I trust Him.  (and when I use the word "Him" I am using the universal "he" since I don't see God as specifically only male in his attributes)  In this way every major decision is a learning experience in the Spirit and in my spirit.

So Lord, here I go again........I do trust you to guide me in the right paths even if there is a lot of pressure or confusion during the in between time.  I am fairly certain all ready, if I am honest with myself, what the answer is going to be. However this is not just a "between me and the Lord" decision in terms of immediate consequences. My decision will effect a lot of other people who love me and are not going to understand my choice. This is when trust in God is most tested for someone who wants to avoid confrontations with loved ones and hopes that type of pressure will just go away.

I am such a coward..

Why are the opinions of other people able to make me feel badly about being obedient to God?  Maybe I can't trust them to support me because my decision may hurt their feelings?  When other peoples' feelings are involved it makes obedience to God a lot more difficult........but it doesn't change what I probably have to do.

There, glad I talked that one through..........    


Penny said...

well, these types of questions always seem, to me at least, the ones that have the biggest impact on where I am going - spiritually and otherwise, and therefore seem to have the biggest impact. I also think that when God is asking us to follow a certain path, there will be many who do not understand the call, because it may be individual specific and only appropriate to that one person at that exact time. I am trying to learn a lot of this myself. And to recognize that there is a difference between Godly wisdom that comes thru another believer and someone who feels that I should be justifying my decision to them - which is not usually correct.

Hang in there.....and I will try not to get into a snit when your decision is made. :)

Susan said...

Well, there.....a friend I can count on! teehee I think actually you will be just fine with my decision when I make it.

Leah said...

Lord, fill her with your divine wisdom!