Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Good Day for our Family

Yesterday was a very good day!  We had a grand trip to the city in good weather and on good roads.  Today the snow is coming, hopefully the last of the "stay on the ground" snow for this spring.  It is to clear by tomorrow and then on Wednesday we may actually have a huge thunder storm!! If there is rain with it the snow will melt quickly. Then on to temps well above zero as we go into the weekend.  Spring on the prairies is not boring as far as weather.

We accomplished our various errands yesterday in good time.  There was time to stop on the way out of the city at a small Halal grocery store.  It was jam packed with goodies from the middle east and also from the mediteranean.  We loaded up on spices and herbs and curries and huge flat breads that are so wonderful for scooping up Indian food...and for pizza crusts! Lunch was quite delicious and reasonably priced....sort of....teehee

The city and surrounding area are sporting a typical prairie spring look right now.  The fields are beige stubble and black muck, and still puddly in spots from the snow and ice melts. The roads are gritty with sand. Tire tearing, valley sized potholes in the streets of our own town are full of brown water and in some cases heaps of sticky mud.  The city streets are dusty, the gutters and parking lots covered in tiny mounds of dirt, squashed fast food cardboard cartons, disintegrating styrofoam cups, shredded bits of plastic, torn paper bags, bits of lint, yellowing tops of struggling weeks pushing through cracks in the ashphalt........oooh, it is one ugly time of year. Even the busiest retail outlets look shabby and faded right now.  Last year's new paint is all ready faded and peeling. For me it is a difficult time to recommend the prairies to anyone.  

There is not an expectation of pristine cleanliness here.  One reason is that it is impossible to stay ahead of what the prairie winds blow into the area.  There isn't budget sufficient to pay people to stay ahead of the dirt and mess on public streets. Being so close to the farm lands makes it nearly impossible to keep weeds at bay in lawns and gardens, and in the cracks of the city sidewalks.  I suppose it takes some of the stress off people in terms of the constant attention to detail you find in more urban areas.......the pressure of neighbours to conform to a specific standard of house and lawn upkeep that exists in larger cities.  Maybe that is a prairie plus.

Whatever the scenic lack, we had a great day just being on our own with no deadines, no specific appointments, no family or friend obligations.  Being alone was a bonus all on its own.  When we go to AB or BC we rarely get a chance to do things we want to do. By the time family is taken care of, as proper and enjoyable as that is, we just don't get the extra down time we need to relax and refresh ourselves.  There never seems to be enough time or money to do more than what is necessary. So yesterday was special.

When we got home our son called us. He arrived home from his college interview trip in the east at 3am yesterday.  He arrived home to find in the mail a partial answer to his financial worries in regard to his courses starting later this spring. We are all on our knees in gratitude.  He will be able to pay what he needs to pay up front until his student loan arrives in his account. So, the provision hath begun!  Thank you God.  

It was indeed a good day for our family yesterday, a day of relaxing and enjoying simple pleasures as well as receving unexpected encouragements. We needed a day like that to help face the stresses and busyness of the upcoming ministries during Easter season.  

Today is also a good day....car repairs, office work, my physiotherapy, and supper with some parishioners.

We head out again early tomorrow morning for Diocesan meetings and some good visits with friends in Regina and Moose Jaw.  For Dell it is work related but still with a certain amount of social interaction with his fellow clergy from around the Diocese as they gather for The Blessing of the Oils.  It is lovely to have a week mostly away from home to prepare for next week's services in our churches.

And the weather is forecast to be lovely too!!


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