Friday, March 23, 2012

Good News For the Son

Today is an exciting day for our family.  Our son received his formal acceptance into one of the universities of his choice. He is ecstatic and so are we.  So grateful for this opportunity for him.

It is a summer programme, about 4 months each year and then 8 months of assignments to complete during the winter at home.  It means he can return to Canada and work for part of the year and that will be a big help.

His programme starts in May all ready so when he gets home from this past  week of interviews it is going to be a mad scramble for him to arrange sublets for his apt., initial financing until his loan comes through, working out his time away with his job........thank goodness he is still young enough to meet these instant challenges.  I get tired just hearing about all that has to be accomplished in the next few weeks to make his dream a reality.

So now we pray for his financial provision and for all the details to come together as he prepares to leave Vancouver for New York.  Our son loves New York.  He loves the mad crazy arrogant energy of the place.  To live and study there has been his dream for a long time.

So much to do, so little time, but that is life isn't it?  We wait in hope for some dream to be fulfilled, and while we wait we work, and we wait, and we work, and we wait and wait and wait some more. Then suddenly it is like the entire universe comes together and off we go in a new and more exciting direction.  

Congratulations son! We are very happy for you. 

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