Monday, March 26, 2012

I Am Going to a City......

If my husband ever wakes up on this the morning of his day off, we are going to head into the city for some church supplies, some tea shopping and a bit of an anniversary lunch at our favourite restaurant there.  There isn't to be any snow in our area until this evening so I think if we can be on our way home again by late afternoon we will have a safe drive on the highway.  Since it will be a 5 hour round trip, good roads are quite important.  Our very busy highway is only 2 lanes, so it can make for some interesting situations with all the semi rigs, and elderly drivers, when you add in ice and snow. 

The last 3 times we have been to the city have been for my medical appointments.  We have carted wheelchairs, crutches, pillows and blankets, soggy dripping splint casts and what have you on those trips.  Today we are going to feel naked carting only my walking cane along for support.  Heady stuff...........we don't have to stop at the hospital for so much as an x-ray.  In fact we likely won't even eat at a favourite little pub because the hospital can be seen from its front windows.  I am tired of that hospital, good as it was to me after my accident.  I will see it again soon enough when I have another checkup in a couple of months.

You know what the best part of the trip is for me? It isn't the shopping, or even the lunch out. It is being able to ride sitting up in the front seat of the car!!  YIPPEE!  Riding in the front seat......sitting barf bucket required!!
Hallelujah for small mercies!! 

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