Thursday, March 1, 2012

Losing a Wonderful Friend

Today is a sad/happy day. Last night a dear friend passed away and we will miss her terribly.  

Adriana went to be with her Jesus as graciously as she lived her life when she was with the rest of us.  She suffered badly with cancer the past few years and we are relieved she is no longer in pain.  It is a huge loss to her family and they will miss her sweet spirit as will we.

We didn't know Adriana well until a very few years ago. She was the mother of a good friend and we met her occasionally when visiting our friend's home or when she came to our church for special events.  We only truly got to know her about 10 years ago.  She was a great supporter in prayer of our last mission in Japan and when Dell went to seminary we were overwhelmed by her generosity in prayer and gifts. We maintained an ever growing, delightful friendship with her.  We also enjoyed her marvellous cooking; her ability to infuse a simple prairie meal with some extra splash of unexpected flavour that always left us wanting more.  She knew Dell loves pie and would make a fresh one for every visit, sending home the leftovers with him.  Adriana was our "other mom" and likely filled that role for many other people as well.

We will miss her and we know her family is experiencing a great loss.  What a special, practical, uncomplaining woman was Adriana.  Enjoy your Jesus dear friend and we eagerly await our next visit in a happier realm.

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