Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More Fun For the Son

So the plot thickens for our son.  haha  The registrar, for the summer Masters programme that accepted Eli unexpectedly, passed his application on to the full time programme registrar as requested.  No results expected as it would have arrived far too late to be considered.

However he got a phone call yesterday to say that this particular university felt very badly that he had become confused and so they want to interview him for the full time programme.  They have exactly one spot open in their entire spring interview roster, a day next week, and wanted  to know if there was any way he could be out there that soon.  

Well yes he can be there!  He is flying to that city in a couple of days for another interview at the college he can likely not afford to attend, and his return date is not until the day after the requested interview at the other university.  


It is so nice for him to be coming from a position of strength, having been accepted all ready into the summer programme.  He knows that if all else fails for getting into a programme he really wants to be in, at least he can be in a programme that will get him a start on his MFA.

We just sent him our part of the international student financial aid forms and of all the applications, CV's, art works etc. that he has to send in to the registrars, it is really these forms that will make or break his acceptance to any school outside the country.

I am getting too old for all this excitement.... 

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