Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Awesome Husband

Tomorrow my husband has his 60th birthday!  SIXTY!  6-0!  Seems a bit of a milestone birthday doesn't it?  It is the decade we never thought we would reach......nope, not us, never never never!!  Health issues over the years certainly left us in doubt that my husband would be able to enter this decade of life. But he is here, he is turning 60, achieving a milestone age!

So how has he arrived at this birthday?  Farming and ranching occupied his growing up years with his family, then training for a media diploma, followed by a transition into full time carpentry, becoming a husband and father, years of debilitating illness, and then at the age of 50 a decision to change his career once again that resulted in a long journey toward his present occupation with stops for seminary, more carpentry, and postulancy along the way. It has been a life of feast and famine, of joy and utter despair.  The highs have been up to the moon and the lows have been to the depths of the ocean, but boring his life has not been.

What makes him so awesome to me, as we have walked together over the past 35+ years, is that no matter our circumstances he has never lost his integrity, his love of life, or his focus on the values he treasures.  There isn't a mean and nasty bone in his body.  He is committed to truth in conversation and in practise. He is committed to reconciliation in relationships, peace making, and decisons by consensus whenever possible. He cares for me and treats me like he couldn't live without me even though be both know he certainly could do without the grief I have brought him over the years with my own health and other issues. 

Happy Birthday dear husband. Walking through life with you has been my absolute proof that God loves me. 


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