Thursday, March 22, 2012

No More Pessy!

Yup, I knew it.......yesterday all the "pessy" was gone by about 4pm. Settled into a big paperwork project over at the church office and before long I was just fine again.  The adrenalin let down ended and life is great once again! It was good to wallow in the "pessy" for a few hours and get it out of my system.  The same thing happens when I occasionally struggle with winter inspired depression.....wallow in it, give in to it, and within a week I am so sick of it, so sick of myself wallowing in it, so sick of MYSELF because depression concentrates all my thoughts on ME, that I have little trouble walking away from it.  ME is simply not that interesting and ME is very selfish......yuck, pooey.....more fun to concentrate on the wonderful things and people outside of ME and relating to the big real wonderful scary amazing world outside my own front door. 

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