Thursday, March 22, 2012

Prairie Spring Weather

Today was a true prairie spring kind of day. When I awoke at 8am the sky was overcast with thick dark clouds. Huge fuzzy snowflakes were hurtling down to earth, obscuring the houses across the street from view. The temperature outside was +3C. By 11am the snow had turned to rain and the temperature had dropped to +1C.  The highway reports changed from Good Winter Driving to Winter Conditions: Wet turning to Ice.  Now it is nearly 6pm. The sun came out a couple of hours ago,turning the ice on the street to water within an hour, and now the temperature has risen to +4C.  Most of the street is dry and the sidewalks sport only a few puddles of water that will freeze tonight when the temperature dips down to -10C.   Tomorrow is forecast for a high of -3C and lots of  snow, clearing Saturday, and by Sunday it is to be sunny and +6C so most of the snow piles on my lawn will be gone by that evening.  Wow, if you are easily bored, keep an eye on the daily spring weather on the prairies.  The popular prairie saying, "if you don't like the weather just wait 10 minutes", certainly held true today!  

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