Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Real Life Continues with a Splash

This morning marked the end of over 3 months of sponge baths!  haha WHO CARES?  And well you may ask.  Well, I DO!!  

I am the champion sponge bather after spending more than one period  of my life being forced by injury to leave a proper shower behind for a few months.  But it does get tiresome, it is awkward, it is inconvienient, it is time consuming!  

Today that all ended as I stood in the tub, bravely clung to my newly installed shower grip bar, planted my feet firmly on the non-skid mat, and delighted in the cascade of water flowing down my back and around my feet. I didn't even need to sit down on the bath transfer bench. Not even once!!  The bit of weight I can now handle putting onto my healing ankle even without a shoe made all the difference.

Such simple pleasures so easily taken for granted. 

AND I am so grateful for a teeny tiny bathroom where there is so little room to fall down!!

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