Friday, March 2, 2012

Real Life Seems Overwhelming

I am fascinated by how little it takes, after being sidelined for 3 months, to exhaust me.  My physio exercises are reduced to about 35 minutes a day now, I do them right after lunch, and then I need a nap!!  Doing dishes has become a major project, even doing laundry seems to take forever.  I suppose that being able to only move at about 1/4 of my normal rate of speed is partly responsible. The soreness and swelling of my ankle adds nothing to increasing my pace. Getting breakfast time yogourt, cheese and water from the refrigerator and the accompaning spoon, knife, plate and glass is tiring enough, and then I have to take the trouble to eat and drink all these goodies.  Yawn....isn't it then time to go back to bed??

This morning I picked out hymns for one of our services this Sunday and the number of choices was overwhelming. Deciding on only 4 of them took a long time.  Now it is nearly 11am and the  breakfast dishes are not yet done.  Do I do them now or wait and combine them with the luncheon dishes for one huge glorious load?  Decisions decisions decisions.....hahahaha

This afternoon is the World Day of Prayer at the Roman Catholic Church.  I have all ready been offered a ride and assistance by some of our own church ladies who are going to the service.  But I can't work it into my schedule!!!  After dishes and luncheon there is physio to do, Sunday bulletin to work on, envelopes to stuff with our church fundraising letter, curry to make for a large group of missionary guests who are coming tomorrow for dinner, ironing, a hair appt. in the morning to get mentally prepared for, some basic house cleaning before the missionary dinner,dishes, dishes, and more dishes, (no we don't have a dishwasher), a trip 2 hours south on Sunday to a special service in another town, getting ready to go out of province for a funeral next weekend....and on it goes.

Before I broke my ankle none of this was any big deal; just a normal schedule like everyone else has, but the lack of speed coupled with probably 20 years of exhaustion that I am trying to get over right now, is enough to make me want to put my head under a big pillow and sleep until the weekend is over.  I had no idea I needed a complete break from life as I know it until I broke my ankle and said break was thrust upon me. And I am apparently not quite ready to return to my life.

Who knew?? 

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chris e. said...

If this 3 month break showed how exhausting your previous schedule was, then you were undoubtedly expecting too much of yourself. Perhaps you should make the most of the opportunity to rearrange things more for your own benefit. I don't think you want to repeat the course, do you?