Monday, March 19, 2012

Residual Effects of Illnesses....the Net Widens

Well, sometimes life hands us a ton of stresses and disasters all at the same time.  My friend June will likely never be able to work again due to the problems she has developed from her stroke.  Turns out her husband has not had a lot of work this winter. So their community is going to have a benefit fundraiser for them this coming weekend. What a fantastic thing to do.  I know one huge plus to prairie living is when a community puts on a benefit dinner or other event to help out those in need of a financial boost. People are generous when there are big needs like this.

I know well the feeling of trying to keep going in the face of poor health that results in no work.  No matter how much faith and trust a person has in God, no matter how many times a person has seen his provision in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, the first reaction seems to be one of panic when facing the threat of financially induced losses. 

I know just as well that in a crisis like this God's people, even outside the immediate geographical community, are often quick to hear and obey God's nudging to be helpful.  They have been helpful to us, generous beyond measure, when we have been in our times of greatest need.

I don't know that June and her husband are panicking. It is possible they are not.  I just know I would be very tempted to do so if I was facing what they are facing, despite evidence that tells me I don't need to. I am still so desperately human!  I have panicked in my own trials that were far less traumatic, and every time without reason to do so.

My friends are appreciative of every prayer you have prayed on their behalf.  Answers are appearing. The benefit is one of them. Thank you readers and thank you God......  

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