Monday, March 12, 2012

A Sleepless NIght

I have reached the age where friends and relatives are leaving this earth at an increasing pace. The funeral I attended on Saturday was a difficult one as the woman was such a good friend, an encourager, a difficult for me to say even this temporary farewell.

Driving home from the funeral, an emergency phone call: prayer being requested for another friend, this time younger than myself.  The woman had suffered a brain bleed stroke and had been admitted to hospital with blood pressure so high that even the nurse of many years who called me had not seen such a high bp reading in a patient.

As of last night my friend was doing very poorly.  It was not looking good.  As I prayed for her I remembered all the years of friendship we have experienced, the highs and lows, the shared joys and sorrows not only with her, but with her family and extended family who adopted my husband as their own when he was young and seeking his place in the world.  I remember the amazing inspired spiritual  songs she has written, and her leadership in music in her church and community.  I remember her joy over my own accomplishments and her tears over my trials.

Life has taken us in different directions over the past few years and we have not had the contact we once enjoyed, but still there has been a bond that will feel the wrench of loss if my friend does not recover.  

I am praying for June, her 2 newly grown up children and her husband, the rest of her family.......don't know what God is going to do here, but I know of her love for him and I don't fear for her ultimate future.

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