Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Storm Stayed!

We are officially storm stayed today.  I am delighted as it is the first time this winter.  My husband is actually relaxed and enjoying the fact that whatever problems or issues may exist at his job today can not be fixed until the roads are once again passable.  He shovelled his way out to the front sidewalk to take the garbage to the curb in case there is still pick up today or tomorrow, and shovelled a path out back to the bird feeders to make sure the snow was cleaned out of the feeding holes and to clear the small ice mountain off the waterer so the "livestock" will be okay.  Now he is reading a book and dozing again. YAY!! We need a few groceries and to go to the post office for mail, but he can do that this afternoon. He will be able to use his walking stick and strap on his new gaiters to walk through the drifts to the downtown. So far the power has stayed on so our computers have been up and running all morning.  

I am also enjoying a relaxing day.  My physiotherapist is completely snowed into his house in the little town where he lives and the highways are only 1 grade above official closure, thus my appointment for today had to be cancelled.  I feel such relief.  I want another span of time to work on my exercises. My ankle is not reacting as well as I had hoped to the amount of extra weight it is now carrying and have had to back off a bit with the physio. When I return in a couple of weeks I will be doing better again.   

Alberta and Saskatchewan are covered with between 6 inches and a foot of fresh snow and the howling winds are drifting it badly in the intersections in the cities and towns.  We are going to be a few days digging out. Our garage door is totally packed in with  hard snow, and the end of the alley way to the street will be impassable for us until one of the big oil rig trucks comes through there to pack it down.  I am so grateful for the chance to just relax, and experience winter for a very few days before the temperatures warm up later in the week to melt a lot of this away again. 

My only regret is being physically unable to go out and help Dell with the shovelling.  I love shovelling!  But even next winter he is unlikely to let me do any of it.

For now I will enjoy sitting at the window watching the snow drifting in the wind, knowing there is nothing else to be done until the storm blows itself out.  

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