Saturday, March 17, 2012

Talked Out

The telephone is a marvellous invention.  It is one of the most useful inventions ever created but I find myself becoming in danger of being too tied to it.

I used to be able to let the phone ring if I was busy doing something and let the voice mail pick up the messages to be returned when I had time to listen to them. 

But in the past few months I have found myself carrying the phone around the house with me and hitting the Talk button on the first or second ring.  It started when I first broke my ankle and had no hope of getting through the house or even across the room to take calls before the caller was passed on to voice mail.  It was sensible. It was a safety measure for when I was in the house alone.

Now, however, I am hobbling around pretty well with and without a cane and can make it to almost any room in the house before the 4th ring.  Yet I find my hand still wrapped around that phone as I go about my daily chores.  Is it slowly becoming a bondage?

Today I had myriad calls from out of town friends. It was wonderful to chat with them all.  Some knew I was alone today and so settled in for long conversations.  It was great!  But now I am completely exhausted from all the chatting.  My day flew by and I got nothing else accomplished. I didn't get the church bulletins printed off until 9pm when I had planned to do them by 4pm. It is my own fault. I could have excused myself from each conversation long before I did.  

Time to break the phone habit once again and live my life without the stress of thinking I have to answer every call instantly no matter what else I am in the middle of.  I have to go back to being able to graciously excuse myself when it is time to go and finish or start a project I need to get done that day.  I am so lazy. I would far rather chat than work.

So many phone calls, so many good friends, so much work to get caught up on now that I am little time.......  


chris e. said...

If you REALLY want more time to get things done, have an 'all 70's' week! The only long distance call you'll ever get is for either a birth or death, you have only a handful of tv stations and none of them is any good, no email, no internet and for sure no cell phone. You can work all day, read the local paper for 20 minutes, then a book for 45, go to bed and do it all over the next day! Oh--that's after doing the supper dishes and getting the laundry in off the line of course.

Susan said...

Hmmmmm.......a '70's week eh? That would be an even easier week for me than you realize: there would be no dishwashing nor laundry as I used throw away dishes for years and when clothes got dirty I just threw them away and bought new was time when I had actual employment with a REAL wage! (and no sense of responsibility for the planet)