Monday, March 5, 2012

A Weekend of Heady Excitement!! Yeah.........

Today I am so tired!  Life is slowly being restored as my ankle heals and to be honest I don't feel ready for it. Being the family caregiver for quite a few years, this past 3 months as allowed me the formerly unknown luxury of being cared for and pampered.  Hard to give that up as I slowly return to normal life. 

Saturday was an "exciting" day: first time behind the wheel of the car in over 3 months.  Dell and I had a conflict of committments in the morning, so end result was that I drove him across town to his meetings and took myself home again to wait for my hair appointment time.  Driving 3 blocks to the hairdresser is something barely worth a moment's thought as a rule, but with this ankle it became a big deal.  On the way to Dell's meetings we had to drive past the hairdresser's house to ensure her driveway was clear of ice and snow so I could walk on it without fear of falling.  Coming home after delivering Dell I had to nose the front end of the car into a tight space between the house and garage to allow me to get out of and back into the car using the only teeny patch of ground with no snow or ice on it. In the house I had to put my cell phone into my purse along with a slip of paper with the hairdresser's phone number on it in case when I got there her driveway was was now inaccessible for some reason. If I had to park on the street I would have to phone her and have her come out to take my arm and help me across the icy street.  Nothing is ever simple these days it seems! Fortunately her driveway was free of other vehicles.

From there it was back across town to pick up my husband and a stop downtown at the bank. Circling the block the bank is located on I found a dry patch of street to park the car, and a dry strip of sidewalk so I could go into the bank machine by myself.  YAY!  Then home to have lunch and start helping Dell prepare a Japanese meal for visiting missionaries that evening.

Dell kept telling me I didn't need to help so much but I didn't listen. It felt so good to be setting out my Japanese dishes and hovering around the kitchen smelling the familiar odors of my favourite curry and amazing oden: a winter soup made with a stock of boiled kombu (flat wide green seaweed) and bonito tuna flakes.  Added to the broth are pieces of kombu wrapped like teeny high school diplomas and tied with strips of burdock, tubes of fishcake, pieces of deep fried tofu, whole hard boiled eggs, and shitake mushrooms. In between kitchen duties I was cleaning the bathroom and tidying up the house. 

We had a delightful time with our guests and their hosts, the Alliance pastor and his wife.  They were apparently delighted by Dell's efforts with the Japanese food, happy that I knew how to set a proper Japanese table (although we had to use another set of udon bowls for the curry.....something I wouldn't have been allowed to get away with had this meal taken place in Japan, and I admit I was embarrassed to not have the proper bowls).  We sat around the table after the meal and visited for a few hours.  

After our company left we realized we had completely forgotten to do the church bulletins and that there was  one other office project Dell wanted to accomplish to lighten the coming week's load. I also washed and dried all the dishes.  We were up until 1am, knowing that the alarm would ring at 7am for church.

Unfortunately during all this activity I neglected to take time out to sit with my foot up. I was either standing or walking on it, or allowing it to dangle down to the floor all day. My poor ankle was not happy and let me know that for most of the night.  It finally quit aching at 5am and I was able to grab a couple of hours of sleep before getting up for church.  I was so tired I didn't think I would make it to church in our other town but I did.

Church was a farewell service for a beloved church family. Many of their friends and co-workers who do not normally attend our church were there for the service and the brunch afterward.  The youth of the church and their youth leader prepared pancakes and fruit.  Some of the ladies brought home made pork and deer sausages and we had quite a feast. No one was in a hurry to leave so our brunch that began before 10:30am lasted until nearly 1pm.  What a great time.

Then Dell and I headed south two hours to another town for the induction service of their new priest.  I was glad for the ride because I could keep my foot up off the floor.  The swelling from the day before had just started to abate.  At the church down south I was able to sit with my leg up on the pew and it got a good rest.  Parishioners from our local church were there and it was a nice treat to have someone to sit with for a long service and a pot luck meal in the church hall afterward.

The 2 hour drive home afterward flew by as Dell and I talked and talked and talked.   Buoyed by the amount of travel away from the house all weekend I had a difficult time getting to sleep. But the reduction of walking and standing for the day has left my ankle feeling pretty good this morning.  It is Dell's day off and he is sleeping in. We have no plans for the whole day. I may not even bother to get properly dressed.  I can do physio exercises in a nightgown today......surely there will be a way.......  

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