Sunday, May 13, 2012

An Admission........Sigh.....

Okay, yes, there is a reason I was so pumped and thrilled with myself for cutting the grass etc. yesterday that is more than just excitement over the good healing of my ankle.

I have to admit that all that work came close to not happening.  I wanted to wear my little hikers to keep my shoes from getting grass stained, but the last time I wore the hikers was the morning I fell and broke my ankle.  As I pulled them out of the boot rack I realized I haven't worn them, or even seen them, since the day of my fall.

The laces on the boot I had on my bad foot were still splayed open from when Dell took my boot off in the hospital. I wouldn't let anyone but him take it off because I was so scared at the time.  They were still stiff from the muck on the boulevard from when my whole weight landed on my foot and drove my boot into the cold topsoil right under the snow.

I felt kind of sick to my stomach looking at it, and had trouble forcing myself to put it on. Once it was on and retied and I stood up, I swore I could hear that cracking sound of bones breaking all over again and I nearly fainted. My stomach heaved and I thought I was going to lose my breakfast all over the bootroom.

I sat back down and closed my eyes and prayed.  It took a few minutes actually to get over the fear, stand back up, walk around the house a few times to get my system calmed down. Then out I went rejoicing not only that I am well enough to do yard work but that I conquered an emotional glitch caused by the small trauma of last November's fall.

So, not only old, but wussy too.............there, that is my confession.

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