Wednesday, May 9, 2012

And Then There Was Sunday!

Yeah........Sunday started off with a fizzle rather than a bang.  You know, that fizzle sound your car ignition makes to let you know there is no power left in the battery and said car is now dead as a duck? You know, that sound that strikes a death knell into the depths of your heart when you are 15 minutes away from getting to church on time and you know you have at least a 20 minute wait for a boost to come from the nearest CAA location?  Yeah, that one.

The night before when we left after class to travel to our hotel in Moose Jaw, I was driving.  Dell slept most of the way there and I was nearly as tired as he was just because of all the stresses associated with the class, getting lost, teeny beds, Japanese bathrooms...need I go on??  The fuse in our car that is supposed to sound a little buzzer to let you know you have left the car lights on is apparently blown out, so the buzzer did not come on, nor has it since, and I left the lights on in the car overnight. How, in the pitch black of night, could I possibly not have noticed my lights were on??  Now THAT is tired!! (You do realize I am never going to live this one down. Not ever.  Never. I do not leave lights on in cars overnight.  Not ever.  Never.  Until now. Dell at last has his revenge.)  

The CAA man came to boost our car, and was a man of few words:
Left the lights on overnight eh?
Um, sorry to bother you early on a Sunday morning sir.
Teeny almost smirk.

End of conversation.

Dell drove us to church.  I was banished from operating the car for the rest of the day.  We were only 7 minutes late for church so only had to sit right at the VERY FRONT where everyone could see our sorry disruptive entrance.

But the greetings from our friends there were effusive and heart warming. Their joy at our visit was overwhelming and a soothing balm to our sore egos and emotions. They stayed and visited with us in the coffee room for nearly 2 hours after the service. What a wonderful restart to the the entire weekend.

Our favourite Thai food for lunch, dinner and conversation at the home of dear friends that evening.....what could be better?  Maybe Monday???

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