Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Another Step Toward Recovery

After a long day of spraying weeds, mowing lawn and all the usual daily indoor tasks, I finally got around to doing my physiotherapy at 9:30pm.  

I admit it has been a bit more discouraging of late. The fastest rate of progress for broken ankles is during the first 3 months after starting therapy, and that has definitely held true in my own case. I do notice that progress in the last couple of weeks has been slow and the remaining swelling has not gone down much.

BUT tonight when I had to sit on my heels and try to stretch my tendons in the front of my leg so that it would lie flat on the floor from knee to toe the same as my other leg, I had my first complete success.  For the past month there has been no discernable progress in stretching that tendon.  Until tonight I could fit between 1 and 2 finger widths between my shin and the floor.  Tonight I could actually feel the tendon and muscles relax sufficiently to touch down on the carpet and hold themselves there for nearly the full minute.  Apparently there is progress still to be made.

I am  beyond grateful! Slow and steady IS winning this race!


Heidi said...

I totally understand this Sue. I broke my ankle badly in October 2010. I still had some swelling last fall. Now...a year & a half later, it is mostly back to normal, but I am not sure it will ever be quite the same:)

Susan said...

Oh Heidi, I am so very sorry you have also experienced this. What a nusiance!! I hope that your recovery will be as complete as possible. Like you, I have a good possibility of incomplete recovery, but it is good to be walking isn't it? Thanks for your comment!