Saturday, May 12, 2012

By George Old Man, I Did It...Indeed I Did!!

I am delighted to report that this morning I spent nearly 3 hours outside mowing and trimming the front lawn and boulevard, sweeping up the sidewalks, and weed whacking a few things in the side yard!  My ankle behaved itself admirably other than a bit more swelling than usual, but it is calming down now.

It is one of those rare perfect spring days:  about +22C, sunny, no wind, no mosquitos, few flies, and only a few bees about, not a wasp yet in sight. If the outdoors could be like this all summer long I would spend far more time there. 

Time to hang up the fake wasp nests before the real wasps arrive and start getting established. There, a good job for my husband on his next day off.

I will rest for this afternoon and attend the church service this evening.  This way my ankle gets a decent rest. 

While I am resting I will contemplate tomorrow afternoon's or Monday's outdoor work: spraying the thick carpet of dandelions that are all over the ground between the back of the house and the alley way. They are EVERYWHERE!  It looks like I fertilized them last year instead of killing them!  GROSS!!

Today I am so proud of ME! Dell is away at a community event for the day and it was so lovely to just wander around with the lawn mower with no instructions added, no admonitions every few minutes that I should come in and rest my ankle, no running into the house to make meals for hubby before I was done outside.

The perfect a wee nap!!   

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