Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Dastardly Deed is Done

Wow, what a week!  It was crazy hectic but turned out so well.  My mother-in-law is safely ensconced in her new assisted living suite and my husband and his sister are completely exhausted from the effort, but the deed is done, we are all safely home and mom is adjusting well apparently to her new place.

The mover was amazing. He specializes in moving the elderly.  All mom's pictures were up on the walls before he left, the furniture she was able to take was arranged as closely as possible to the way it had been arranged in her former suite, and he gave the family great advice:  don't move all the things she will not use again down to her new place and then have to return later to go through it.  Going through that much collected stuff had not been part of the plan originally, but now, other than a couple of suitcases of photos and other paper treasures, mostly everything has been sorted and dealt with.  What a relief.  Everyone is exhausted from the extra work, but it was worth it.  The "keep for our own family memorabilia" pile is sitting in our house to be gone through on the weekend, the thrift store pile has been delivered to same, the throw away pile has been disposed of.  Amazing!

My own parents were glad for a wee visit as well.  For once I was allowed to do some dinner preparation and dishes and felt our brief time together was positive and helpful to them.  There was time to use the car to do a few necessary errands that would have been impossible for them to do using the transit system.  I can see how close they are to the edge of being able to continue completely independent living and so am preparing myself for what is soon to come. They are both 85 and have managed amazingly well despite some serious long term health issues.

So now we are home and peering through the window blinds at the foot high lawn in front of our house....amazing what a little rain can do over the course of a single week when followed by warm sunny days.  I need to go out this morning and mow lawn and start spraying the rest of the weeds....and do the laundry.....and take care of all the mail......and do some banking......and grocery shop......yeaaaahhh........time to go back to bed and get some more sleep........ 

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