Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dealiing With Unwanted Mailings

Yesterday I got a letter in the mail from the head office of a popular magazine.  I was glad to receive it, but rather annoyed and embarrassed as to why the letter had been necessary.

In January I received a copy of the magazine along with a bill for a year's subscription.  Since I hadn't subscribed to the magazine I was a bit confused.  I wracked my brain to think of when I might have had some form of communication with this publication and came up blank.  I know I am old, but I am not yet at the stage of sending off subscription requests to magazines I wouldn't even keep in the bathroom for a cheap read!

The magazine arrived nicely wrapped in plastic so I bundled it up in a new envelope without opening the wrapping and returned it and the bill, along with a note to say a mistake had been made.  I use the word "mistake" lightly as it is more likely my name was taken off a mailing list in hopes I would feel forced to pay the bill and subscribe.

Whatever really happened I don't know, but it took me nearly a half hour of internet time to locate an address to return these things.  This is a popular magazine so I was surprised at the difficulty in locating a snail mail address of any kind.

Stupidly I thought that would be the end of it.  2 weeks later the next copy of the magazine arrived.  I paid out another rather expensive amount to return it, along with a copy of the letter I had sent previously.  Over the next 6 weeks this happened 2 more times.

I decided if I was to continue to return an entire year's subscription for this magazine I would end up spending nearly twice the subscription cost mailing the magazines back unopened.  So I sent my 4th copy of the letter along with the unopened magazine, but on the bottom of the letter I hand wrote a short sentence that if I received any more copies of the magazine or any more bills then the subscription department would be speaking to my legal representation.

I popped it into the mail only 2 weeks ago.  All ready yesterday I received an apologetic response from the head office of the magazine with an assurance that the mistake was entirely their own (ya' think??) and that I would receive no more communications from them.  

It is nice to know I won't be spending any more money on postage and that I don't have this hanging over my head any more, but I hate having to make threats in order to deal with an unwanted situation.   

It makes me feel as slimy as the people who started this in the first place.  Ugh!  

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