Sunday, May 20, 2012

Delicious Sunday

What a lovely day today....a warm sunny day....a nice relief after all the bad news of the week.  Even church went well in both towns despite low numbers due to long weekend holidays.  Learned a new song in one of the churches, a good lively little number that I hope we sing again soon.

My husband's sermon was a wonderful lesson in simple logic:  if we are called to follow Jesus then he must be going somewhere. So where is he going?  He is going into the world to spread the good news of God's love.  So if Jesus has now returned to heaven but is also continuing his presence on the earth, how can he be in 2 places at the same time? It is through his people, us who contain his Spirit, whose mission it is to spread the good news of God's love. Since not everyone has heard of God's love there is still much for us as his people to do.  Why is this necessary in the first place?  It is necessary because we are living in 2 worlds:  the world that God loves so much he sent his only son to live and die and rise again to show the way to God, and the world that does not love God back; the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of this world, and it is all mixed ip together.  Jesus is trying to show us how to bring the Kingdom of God to the kingdom of this world by coming to earth and showing his people how to do it too.  

And then after church came the weekly question for Sunday afternoons: what are we going to do for lunch?  Too tired to eat out.  So what's in the refrigerator?  We decided on simple pita wrapped sausages but somehow that grew to include fresh farm asparagus and home made french fries and salad.  YUUUUMMM!!!

So, cereal for supper then?  Yup.....

In other good news, a friend from BC who is currently visiting in Tokyo, attended our former church there this morning and met some of our dear Japanese friends.  He sent photos.  What wonderful memories of our time there.   However at this moment I am too full to even enjoy the thought of fresh sushi.  What?  Too full to even think of sushi without enjoying the thought???

So, cereal for supper then?  Yup.....   

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