Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Didache

Spent some time today, between loads of laundry, ironing, downtown chores, dishes, and other mundane tasks,  looking at some of the text of the Didache (the teachings of the Apostles). It is a Christian treatise dating back to the end of the first century or early second century, according to most Christian scholars.  It didn't make it into the New Testament canon but is fascinating to read.  The very first line is "Teaching of the Lord to the Gentiles (or Nations) by the Twelve Apostles". This first line is what originally caught my interest and got me reading the English translations of these teachings.

These writings of the Apostolic Fathers show how the early church struggled with so many of the same issues of church practise and personal behaviour that we do today.  

My interest in The Didache was reignited recently after a long break from any real studying, and then this evening I also discovered a blog post about this treatise on cheese-wearingtheology.com.  Do's and Don't's of the Christian life have always intrigued me and this blog post highlights the difference between following particular rules of behaviour as an act of legalism vs an act of worship as taught by The Didache.

If you haven't read any of the teachings of the Apostolic Fathers, and are interested, some of the texts are on line so give them a whirl.

So, proofreading my husband's seminary assignments and auditing his classes were not a complete waste of time for me after all!  Today turned into a productive day for body AND mind AND spirit....kind of glad the wind storm outside scotched my weed spraying attempts.

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