Friday, May 18, 2012

Difficult Times For Our Town

Woke up this morning to some sad news on the local radio station.  Of our 3 remaining doctors, 2 are now leaving.  One is an older fellow who likely would have retired a couple of years ago if we weren't in such dire straits here for medical services, the other apparently moving on to "greener pastures"....that wouldn't take much unfortunately. My husband and I are realizing that due to my personal medical problems it is no longer safe for me to live here.  Will see what the medical recruiters here are able to do by the fall, but I have to become more proactive about my doctor situation....or lack of doctor situation.  While our new multiplex is thriving for the moment, our medical and retail sectors are closing faster than a screen door in a hurricane.

And now we are losing 2 more congregants this summer from one of our churches.  They too are moving on to new towns far away.

I feel like I am living in limbo here. What is going to happen over the next year in our town, in our churches? People who need to be working in certain careers simply cannot sustain their jobs here. Their bosses are closing down the businesses.  They are packing up and moving on. As I see the surrounding towns dying off little by little and I see the same trend beginning in our town, I wonder where we will all be 5 years from now.  

Apparently we are getting 3 new hotels here with longer term agreements for accommodation for oilfield and railway workers doing short term projects, but oil is an iffy  kind of business. Right now there is some action in our part of the province there, but for how long?

Living here is in some ways like living on the edge of death.  I see it happening quietly all around the town, one store/business after another disappearing with little fanfare, and wonder how long it will be before it touches my husband and I in a serious way: the loss of more congregants, more 5 hour round trip drives into the city trying to find medical assistance. So far the medical inconveniences have been relatively minor and only a little bit expensive so I am grateful for that.

But what is going to happen to our many many seniors in this town who have medical emergencies regularly?  They are all ready going into Alberta for treatments and eye appointments etc., seeking rides from their friends and families to get to appointments for the smallest medical necessities.  What is going to happen when they have heart attacks and strokes and cannot get help immediately? We have all ready seen what can happen in these instances.  How many more deaths and long term disabilities due to lack of immediate medical attention  will there be?

I am worried about our town and its people. 

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